Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, Arthur Jafa, BIG, Snapchat & #freedomforgirls (B+A Bulletin #108)

Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, Arthur Jafa, BIG, Snapchat & #freedomforgirls (B+A Bulletin #108)

Happy Wednesday people. Hope you’ve had a blinder of a week so far…

Welcome to B+A’s new home. We’re all settled in – wifi set up, printers working, Slack channel activated and key fobs at the ready. We’re bloody loving it too. Zoe the designated office music maestro is keeping the vibes right, and we’re surrounded by post-its, scribbles and diagrams already. Cozy. Let us know if you want to pop by for a proper little tour.

Let’s get to Bulletin 108!


B+A Balance

In honour of The World Mental Health Day yesterday, we switched it up this week. According to the Mental Health Foundation, one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health problem in their lives, and nine out of ten of these people will suffer discrimination because of it. There’s nothing more terrifying than battling with your own mind and stats don’t often convey that.

The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival started ten years ago with the idea of using the arts to reduce stigma and challenge prejudices surrounding mental health. If you happen to be in Scotland any time from now until October 29th, check them out. This year’s programme includes exciting new theatre, film premieres, storytelling, dance, live music and creative workshops for all ages.

B+A Brilliance

Love Is the Message, The Message Is Death reflects Arthur Jafa’s desire to craft a “black cinema” that is responsive to “existential, political, and spiritual dimensions”. Comprised of footage downloaded from the Internet and smartphones, the clips have been woven together and set to Kanye West’s anthem “Ultralight Beam.” We’re big fans of piecing together beautiful films from short lo-fi clips here at B+A – hiya SnapShots.

Jafa’s work is on at 180 The Strand until December 10th. Laugh, be overwhelmed with joy and probably cry all within the space of 7 minutes. It’s a whirlwind, but a must-experience whirlwind.

B+A Big Up

World-class architect Bjarke Ingels firm BIG has unveiled its new visitor centre for toy Lego – a stack of huge building blocks, featuring brightly coloured patios that are home to a submarine, a shark and a camel. The Lego House is a manifestation of the infinite possibilities of the tiny bricks, in creating new worlds for both adults and kids alike – and I guess, that’s the beauty of architecture too. Big up yourselves BIG!

B+A Babble

Earlier this week, Snapchat launched a new augmented reality art exhibiting feature in New York’s Central Park as part of a collaboration with the artist Jeff Koons. Digital artwork and sculptures will appear in geo-tagged physical locations across the world that viewers can see as a filter inside the app. Days in and it has already been ‘digitally vandalised‘ as an act of protest. Should corporations be allowed to place what ever content (that they will deffo be able to monetise) over our public space? Should they have to pay some form of ‘rent’ in order to do so? Very 2017 debates to be having amiright?

B+A Bye…

We’re just so overwhelmed with awesomeness for you this week that you get an extra bit of content for ‘International Day of the Girl’. Click the link to take action in helping secure #freedomforgirls from all over the globe.

Bye for now people. Catch you on the 18th. Write a journal, walk somewhere new, call a friend… do whatever you need to take care of yo’self this week.

Team B+A x