Searching for #8, The Inevitable, Musicians’ Union & Acyde (B+A Bulletin #78)

Why hello there!

Our happy throng are scattered to the winds this week – with Andre & Tamika currently in San Diego and Ben & Jenny in NYC, leaving just me, Andrew, and Nina in our new home in East London. But that’s okay, because we talk, we share and so without any further ado, here’s what’s new and fit to print this week…

If you’re a regular reader, you might remember we’re looking for team member #7 (if you didn’t, or if you did and you’re busy crafting the perfect intro, hurry hurry! RECRUITMENT CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT(BST) ON MONDAY 3RD APRIL)

…Well, we’re only already after team member #8 – and this one’s very different. We’re looking for a software developer. Telling the truth, we know very few, so please, if you know of an amazing developer who you think would be a great addition to our team, send them our way. We’ll love you for it!

B+A Books etc. 


This week I’ve chomped my way through Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly’s 2016 book “The Inevitable” (the long SEO friendly subtitle is “Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future”).

Much like his 2010 semi-autobiography, What Technology Wants, it’s a breathlessly upbeat projection of the many-faced utopias that technology will offer us all in the future.

But, also like What Technology Wants, I hated it.

Without coming over all Grinchy, the thing about The Inevitable is (like in his last book), it’s all upside. Crowdsourced brilliance, self-regulation, freemium, sharing-economies and long tails (all of which, for wider economies and societies have, when they haven’t been proven entirely wrong, have been partial successes to date, at best) are again trumpeted as trends that will herald a bright new tomorrow for everyone. No exceptions. no ifs or buts.

…But 64% of the 200 or so reviews on Amazon give it 5 stars, so what do I know?

So have a read and judge for yourself – it’s certainly provocative. And that’s rarely a bad thing.

B+A Big Up 

This month, the UK’s Musicians Union (amongst the largest, oldest single art form trade unions in the world) has been voting for a new head honcho. We’ve delighted to say that on Monday an old friend of B+A, Horace Trubridge (that’s him on the right, playing saxophone on the Dalston Peace Mural) has been elected as their new General Secretary. Congratulations, Horace! (and if you’re a musician, but you’re not a member, we reckon now would be a great time to join).

B+A Babble

When Ben and I were on our way to Portland a couple of weeks ago, we bumped into an old friend: Acyde. If you don’t know Acyde, he’s probably one of the best connected, most insightful humans currently residing on planet earth. Strategist, creative, compadre of the ICA’s legendary Blacktronica nights, Godfather of Run Dem Crew, co-creator of Rough Trade artists We Are Shining and now, along with Tremaine, founder of the brand, label and consultancy No Vacancy Inn. If you don’t know him, follow him on social media and if you meet him, stop and engage him in conversation. He’ll surprise and enlighten you.

B+A Bye…

So that’s all for this week folks. Be good, get out, and turn your phone off every so often.

Até a próxima…

Andrew & Team B+A x