Slowe Sports, The War on Normal People, Mam Sham & Cardboard Women (B+A Bulletin #146)

Slowe Sports, The War on Normal People, Mam Sham & Cardboard Women (B+A Bulletin #146)

Hullo! How are you wonderful people?

It’s a great day for B+A Bulletin one.four.six don’t ya think?
Three teamies are making magic with the LA Phil. Us LDN lot are feeling an electric energy in the air…
Some might say it has something to do with a certain match that kicks off T-30 mins…

B+A Brilliance

Cast your eyes on this website of beauty please.
Our pal, Ro, has developed a creative platform for women’s sport coverage called Slowe.
Monthly round-ups of what’s on in the city, original interviews and athlete insights from top sportspeople.
I mean, could you ask for anything more? I think not…
Never miss out on juicy happenings in the world of women’s sport again.
Get to know about the Slowe community – trust us, everyone else will soon enough.

B+A Books etc.

How long ’til robots and A.I take over human jobs? Pretty soon.
Obvs. American workers are facing a crisis worse than the Great Depression thanks to this threat. Woah.
Mr Yang imagines a different future—one where people seek fulfillment through the automation wave.
Enter Universal Basic Income, an idea rapidly gaining popularity amongst economists and politicians alike.

B+A Big Up

Funny feasting courtesy of Mam Sham is the way all weekends should begin…
Opposed to dry dining experiences, Mam Sham are a food + booze peddling female duo.
Our minds were blown by the attention to detail throughout the night.
Think 3 courses inspired by 3 comedy acts…
Bringing a sense of performance and storytelling to our plates is what Mam Sham excel at.
Assemble your squad.
Lols and grub is the motivation.
Live your best lives.
Secure your tickets to their next event here.

B+A Babble

Cardboard women are cropping up all over the city.
On buses, trains and plastered over adverts in the street. What’s this all about then?
Many leading and influential corporations have a shocking lack of gender diversity in leadership roles.
In order to create a conversation, women are quite literally ‘putting women on (card)board’.
Nice. Smurfit Kappa (1 of 14 in the FTSE 100 with an all-male Exec Committee) hope you’re listening yo.
Get involved by submitting your artwork to [email protected]

B+A Bye…

Happy remaining World Cup days all.
Obvs, root for who you wanna root for. Just do it well.
Meet same place, same time next week?
Excellent. See you then people…

Team B+A x