St Barnabas Address, Hanging Out With Audiophiles, Bean Counters, DJ Adesuwa & Rabbits Road Press (B+A Bulletin #144)

St Barnabas Address, Hanging Out With Audiophiles, Bean Counters, DJ Adesuwa & Rabbits Road Press (B+A Bulletin #144)

Hullo. Hi there.
How are you?

Tamika here back at my desk in the big smoke.
The sun is shining in London town.
The city is peak-pretty right now innit?

B+A had a wonderful St Barnabas Address last week. Huge thanks to our friends at HOSB (particular ‘large up yourselves’ to Gareth and Ellena. Photography big up to Holly Wren too!) We’ll let you know the date for our 2019 edition pretty soon. You’re on the guest list already…

But, for now, let’s go on a B+A Bulletin #144 adventure…

B+A Brilliance

UK Singer/Songwriter and Producer Jamie Lidell (try this, if you don’t know him) podcast “Hanging out with Audiophiles” is on heavy rotation in the Missingham household. Check this one featuring an amazing interview with music professor and record producer, Susan Rogers. She was Prince’s producer during Purple Rain, Around the World in a Day, Parade, Sign o’ the Times, and The Black Album.
Yep. That.

B+A Books etc.

Latest book on the B+A bookshelf is Richard Brooks’ Bean Counters  coming on like the unassuming serial-killer-next-door in a horror movie, it tells the tale of the world’s Big Four accountancy firms and their role in the darker side of the world economy. Surprisingly gripping stuff.

B+A Big Up

This week we’re bigging up Ade who decided she wanted to learn how to DJ.
So she did.
With the help from DJ Love Lawson (a.k.a B+A co-conspirator Adelaide) of Born n Bread.
As well as trying her hand at DJing, she also featured on Born n Bread’s bi-weekly radio show talking all things colourism, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s and umm Non Disclosure Agreements, obvs…

Tune in on NTS Radio this Saturday 10am-12pm.
P.S. DJ Adesuwa is available for hire 2k19.

B+A Babble

Rabbits Road Press is a community Risograph print studio and publishing press run by the smart badass women at OOMK. The project is based at Rabbits Road Institute, within Old Manor Park Library. The small-scale publishing press provides printing and book binding services for artists and community groups in Newham and beyond. Check out their public programme here and get involved if its in your manor. Long live print.

B+A Bye…

Laters for now.
Get out in the sun. Wear SPF please. Or, you know, the shade is pretty decent too.
Just go enjoy some Vitamin D if you can.

Love, Team B+A x