Story Conference, Patrick Tresset, Rife, Hillsborough & The Very Quiet Foreign Girls’ Poetry Group (B+A Bulletin #73)

Hey there gang,

Hope everyone’s ticking off that to-do list and taking care of themselves this week.

B+A revelled in the genius of The Story Conference last Friday. It was lit. Authenticity, empathy and using personal experience were meta-themes of the day. Our team all came away with notebooks full of dots, doodles and thoughts still to be connected – #thestory2017 is really the gift that keeps on giving. The image above is of the first & last texts exchanged on a Nokia ‘brick phone’ – from first date to paternity test. Ouch. Here’s an incredible film, shot entirely on Victoria Mapplebeck’s iPhone, based on 100 txts over 3 years.

We’re so energised that this week is a Story Spesh. We just decided.

Its. About. To. Go. Down.

B+A Brilliance

Revered artist, Patrick Tresset lost his passion for making art 20 years ago. He wanted to convey true humanness in his portraits, so he turned to developing robots to do his job, naturally. Patrick alters the nervousness of the robots in order to produce a range of artistic styles. Take a look at the emotion-laden results straight from cameras, mechanical arms, and ballpoint pens here. Or click the image above to watch the robots in action.

B+A Books etc.  

Books have the power to change the world. Thats the message we heard loud and clear from Nikesh Shukla. One of the books that changed his life was the first he was published in (for a cheeky £40 fee, boo). He’s crowdfunding to create a book with 20 young writers: their stories in their voices.

You can help a young writer to work on a commissioned piece for a tenner. Oh and you get an insight in to young people’s lives before anyone else. Niceeee. Check it out here yo.

B+A Big Up 

David Conn has been writing about and investigating Hillsborough for the Guardian for decades. He speaks sombrely, yet with passion and genuine care about the extensive police cover up, supported by vitrolic media reporting that, unfortunately, was buried so deep in public consciousness just days after the incident.

It took over 20 years, the constant support of the media, the Echo newspaper, the football club, public figures, money, talented lawyer, public figures and policy-makers to reveal the truth. Just imagine the injustice that occurs for those who have none of that support whatsoever. Click the image above to read his work, if you haven’t already.

B+A Babble

If you click just one link in this issue (pro tip: click them all they’re excellent) – click this and listen to this podcast from Kate Clanchy and ‘The Very Quiet Foreign Girls Poetry Group’. At the school she taught in, Kate assembled a poetry squad like no other, one for: “those who turned inward instead of outward, the quiet sort. Ones who read, of course, and preferably in two languages.” Listen. These young women have plenty to say, and they say it so well.

B+A Bye…

Juicy huh? We’ll give you a moment to digest it all. Thoughts/ questions/ comments all welcomed.

See ya next week. Be good or don’t get caught. Team B+A x

P.S. Extra big ups to Lazy Chief Studios who created the ‘How to be Confident’ video from last week’s bulletin. Click the correct link (whoops) to their site this time round 😉