Storyteller Wanted, What’s Cooking?, Deleting Social Media (Or Not), #WeSwear & Counterpoint (B+A Bulletin #145)

Storyteller Wanted, What’s Cooking?, Deleting Social Media (Or Not), #WeSwear & Counterpoint (B+A Bulletin #145)

Happy ‘oh, wow, it still could be coming home’ day, England.
Happy 4th July, America.
Happy early hours, China.
Hullo everyone in between.

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This is B+A Bulletin 145.
Welcome, welcome. You look great today by the way…

B+A Brilliance

Our very own Outlier, Aminah, delivered her first brief today – we asked her for a presentation; she made a website (currently in beta – but hey, isn’t life?) Andre set her off to explore the  role that food plays in communities and cultures, so she met, talked to and made friends, and in the process proved US Labor activist, Cesar Chavez’s oft-quoted line: “the people who give you their food give you their heart.”

B+A Books etc.

Andre has recently been enamoured by his newest read ’Ten Arguments For Deleting Your Social Media Account Right Now’ by Jaron Lanier. This book suggests that social media, by its design, incrementally manipulates your behaviour for the financial (and sometimes political) benefit of 3rd party companies.

Lanier suggests that we are not the customers of social media, but the products being sold. None of this is new, but whether you plan to go offline or not, this book serves as an informative reminder. Hashtag stay woke.

B+A Big Up

If you’re in East London this week, try to catch the Mental Health charity MQ’s pop-up Swear Box at Old Street Station. Featuring a gallery of portraits and statements by their ambassadors and supporters, and a week of free talks, exploring mental illness and sharing the latest scientific diagnosis techniques, you’ll be f**king mad to miss it.

B+A Babble

There’s a new wave of jazz musicians on the horizon if you didn’t know, get to know care of Counterpoint. The next night takes place tomorrow (July 5th) in Tate London’s newly refurbished Blavatnik Building. Come through and vibe to the sounds of music from Ezra Collective member Joe Armon-Jones band Sampha-collaborator Kwake Bass.

B+A Bye…

Until next week people.
Here’s to the World Cup sweepstakes working out in your favour. It’s been a wild ride huh?
Team B+A x