Storyteller Wanted

Storyteller Wanted

We’re on the hunt for an individual to produce editorial content for B+A; the fastest, most creative management consultancy in the world. We regularly work around the world and come across fascinating people, hear intriguing stories and learn new and exciting things. We would like you to bring your creative lens to shine a light on unexplored and fascinating stories through interesting mediums, both online and in real life. We are looking for someone who can create content that tells engaging stories, reflecting who they are and who we are…in a B+A way. 

The ideal person would have previously created and shared compelling content for themselves in a short space of time. Whether that’s in the form of a podcast, web series, blog, vlog, newsletter, zine or something unique and creative. You need to be able to demonstrate a strong ability to synthesise information, and have a strong, creative tone of voice in communication. 

To Apply,

We’d like you to tell us a story using any medium you deem fit e.g. blog post, video, podcast, Instagram story…which show us what interesting people, places or stories have attracted you recently and why. Show us as well as tell us. It must contain no more than 300 words (if you choose to use words), should be no longer than a page (if you choose to create a document) and should be no longer than 2 minutes (if you choose to create a film or podcast). Please also include a quick paragraph about who you are and tell us a bit about your work experience. 

Please send your application via We Transfer to [email protected]