StoryThings, ONCA Brighton, The Constitution of the USA, The Magnum Home & Atlas of Emotions (B+A Bulletin #85)

Sup’… so we went on a team jolly to Brighton on Monday. It was glorious.

Here’s some of the things what we done-did : chinwagged + compared diagrams with our friends at StoryThings, regressed to being 7 years old whilst running riot in the arcade (we spent £60 on enough tickets to win a plastic magic set with a RRP of £2) and watching a Brighton Fringe play where the stage was set with millennials having heart wrenching breakdowns and attributing all of life’s woes to social media.

Team B+A had a blast. We ate, drank and were indeed very jolly. We hope your week is proving to be as inspiring and motivating as ours is. Let’s get itttttt. Welcome one, welcome all…

B+A Brilliance

One of the highlights of Brighton was being in a room with each other for two hours and having to just shut up and listen. No, really listen – none of us were allowed to use our voices for the entirety of the session – we had a really productive conversation though. We communicated a little through sign language, but mainly though movement and using our myriad of facial expressions without relying solely on using words. Less BS, more feeling.

Couple of things we learned through ONCA :

1. Deaf and hearing impaired people are braver than most, always maintaining eye contact and connecting with the whole of the person they’re communicating with.

2. Accents exist in those who don’t speak verbally – Kwame and Lex had slightly different ways of signing ‘remember’ and ‘forget’ because they grew up in different areas in British.

3. Exploring non-verbal communication is informative, but also brings such a sense of wellbeing. We did a lot of smiling thanks to our sesh leaders.

B+A Books etc.  

Powell’s Books in PDX have done a useful thing – not enough stores do useful things in our humble opinion. They’ve printed The Constitution of the United States of America in a travel sized book you can store in your back pocket. You never know when it may come in handy – we reckon the author of ‘On Tyranny’ Timothy Synder would be proud as punch.

B+A Big Up 

‘The Magnum Home’ is only on until Saturday, so we’re giving you a time-bound ‘big up’ this week. Ekow Eshun has curated this photographic exhibition which focuses on the pains and pleasures of youth over the years. It is a freebie as well – and if you act quickly you can snag a place on young designer, Yinka Ilori’s tile making workshop too. Here is the full programme of events which you can get involved in, too.

44 Great Russell Street, WC1B 3BN (opposite the British Museum)

17th May – 21st May 2017, 11am -7pm Weds – Sat, 12-5pm Sun.

B+A Babble

Welcome to the Atlas of Emotions – its a visual tool to build your emotion vocabulary. Paul Ekman is an OG in the world of emotion and facial recognition, and a staple in every psychology graduate’s ‘consciousness’ course book. He’s also a part of the reason why Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ was so on point. The goal of the atlas is to increase choice in what we become emotional about and how we respond. Bonus points if you can also communicate the newfound vocab non-verbally 😉

B+A Bye…

Til next week pals, see you then for another dose of goodness.

But for now, we’ll leave you with our unsolicited advice, just the way you like it: have a relisten to Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified’ album (if you want) – its given us all a pep in our step in the office this afternoon. Guilty pleasures and ting.

Love, Team B+A