The B+A Anthem, Memory Training, AfroRepublik & Visit Rwanda (B+A Bulletin #140)

The B+A Anthem, Memory Training, AfroRepublik & Visit Rwanda (B+A Bulletin #140)

Hi squadron,
How goes it?

How are you? Hoping you’re thriving and that you’re nearing freedom from [warning : trigger word] GDPR emails clogging up your inbox. Read our privacy policy about data n stuff here, if you’re that way inclined. Otherwise, we’ll get on with living our best lives and exploring life/ the world…

Welcome to B+A Bulletin one-fortay. Yay.

B+A Brilliance

This week we’re blissfully bathing in the rejection we faced when trying to trademark various facets of ‘B+A-ness’. How can you protect rejected trademarks? Well, turn them into a song, obviously. Read Missingham’s words here, and listen to the B+A anthem here. And remember another B+A-ism ’embarrassment is a wasteful emotion’.

B+A Books etc.

New B+A book club alert. We decided to opt for a read that’d give us some practical for our noggins this time. How to develop a brilliant memory week by week – read along with us, and never forget a name in a room full of new faces again.

B+A Big Up

We’re bigging up WizKid for shutting down AfroRepublik in London this weekend. The mash-up of Afrobeat and Caribbean sounds taking over the airwaves in the city. The windrush generation were some of the first black communities to lay down roots, now there’s a critical mass of West African communities in the mix too : the result is a beautiful hybrid and music to our ears.

B+A Babble

Rwanda Tourism is sponsoring Arsenal FC. The world is divided on whether this is morally right or morally wrong (or actually none of our business how they spend their coins.) Read a nuanced 411 here by Quartz Africa. Babble away people. Get up on that soapbox and let us know your thoughts…

B+A Bye…

Until next week.
Move slower, and take care of things.

Love, Team B+A x