The Barbershop Chronicles, Post Truth, Into the Unknown, Privacy & Donations (B+A Bulletin #91)

Evenin’ pals.

We hope that everyone is well, present and playing their part today.

Would you believe we’re at issue number 91 of the B+A Bulletin? Wowza. Keeping our fingers crossed that you read, click on or watch something useful in this week’s edition.

Let’s do this


B+A Brilliance

Scriptwriter Inua Ellams explores masculinity and male relationships (amongst other things!) in ‘The Barbershop Chronicles’. We seamlessly switch between six shops in Harare, Lagos, Accra, Kampala, Johannesburg and London on the day in 2012 when Chelsea beat Barcelona. The 90 minutes are energetic, poignant and full of authentic cultural references. Special shout out to Kwame Odoom who we recognised from The National Youth Theatre’s ‘Playing Up’. Wonderful work. Catch it at the Dorfman Theatre whilst you can – tickets are almost gone. Here’s a sneak peek video for your head tops too.

B+A Books etc.  

Fake news. Alternative facts. Post truth. Despite these concepts having only really burst into our cultural psyche over the past year or so, D’Ancona makes it clear that we have been headed this way for a while. Yeah, there’s nothing new about the creation and use of lies, and the twisting of truth (it gets quite philosophical, but we’re here for it) however, the possibilities to consume these nuggets of BS are now rife. Pick it up, at just over 170 pages its a worthy read.

B+A Big Up 

‘Into the Unknown’ is a journey through science fiction which comes highly recommended from Andre. The exhibition dominates the walls of the winding, Curve gallery, with more than 850 individual exhibits on display spanning from the 19th century right up to the present day. It is on at the Barbican until September 1st – tickets available here.

B+A Babble

Andrew snapped this notice on the wall of a Polling Station last Thursday. In an age where “sharing is (apparently) caring”, and privacy is (sometimes) viewed as suspect, it was good to be reminded that the right to secrecy is a keystone of democracy.

B+A Bye…

Laters y’all. Here is a JustGiving donation page which is gathering funds for those affected by the horrific Grenfell Tower incident (there are several pages, and donations will be collated). People are in need of blankets and toiletries especially, collection point: St Clements Church 95 Sirdar Road W11 4EQ – we’re heading down tomorrow evening, so drop us an email if you’d like to drop anything off.

Our hearts go out to all affected : let’s rally the coins, and the supplies people. Be good to yourselves, your people and your city.

Love, Team B+A x