The Economy of Cool, B+A Board Games, Roald Dahl, Radio Wolfgang & J. Cole (B+A Bulletin #83)

A new in-house project. The Economy of Cool. Dropping soon. Or maybe not.

Yeah we’re being purposefully elusive – playing it cool innit…

B+A Brilliance

Its been a stellar week for making stuff at B+A HQ – shit is getting done yo. So here’s the final version of this super addictive and insightful game Nina and Andrew created for a client of ours (brought to life by Imagist London). Niiiice.

B+A Books

On Monday Andrew took advantage of the Bank Holiday here in the U.K. to visit the Roald Dahl House and Museum where for 40 years Dahl wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and all of his great children and adult books. What was inspiring was to see how constructing your ideal creative environment was nothing more complicated than building an place full of things you love, and perfectly suited not only to your mind but your body also.

B+A Big Up 

The Podcast of the Year award 2017 went to the Branded Content winner, Fathers and Sons, created by Radio Wolfgang on behalf of online retail outlet Mr Porter. Fathers and Sons celebrates the multifaceted nature of fatherhood, focusing on the highs and lows of birth, death, love, money, health and inheritance. BIG UP RADIO WOLFGANG for executing the idea so beautifully – up your podcast game and listen here.

B+A Babble


Andre brought this documentary J.Cole just released for his album to our attention. He’s killing it right now. You already know that he has been avoiding the glitz and glamour of fame for a while now, but the result of that is that he is joining conversations that A-listers normally avoid, and he is upping the volume of voices that normally go unheard. It’s refreshing to see someone like J.Cole create an eye-opening and honest documentary like this. Props.

B+A Bye…

Til next week kids. This week’s piece of unsolicited advice comes from Bea, who we met in NYC last week: ‘wear sunscreen, at least SPF15 at all times, for health reasons and for straight up vanity too.’ Invest, treat yo skin.


Team B+A x