The Maker’s Asylum, Marina Abramovic, Patchwork by GUČAS MORGAN & Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Windrush (B+A Bulletin #134)

The Maker’s Asylum, Marina Abramovic, Patchwork by GUČAS MORGAN & Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Windrush (B+A Bulletin #134)

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Right now, the sunshine is peeking through our windows in the London office, Portland isn’t feeling too shabby and Shanghai is sweltering. We’re hoping you have some sunshine in your life today too.

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This is edition 134 of the B+A Bulletin. Grab your Cornetto, grab your shades, come through…

B+A Brilliance

On his last day of holiday in India, Andrew took time to visit the amazing space that is Maker’s Asylum in downtown Mumbai. Founded by long – time friend of B+A Vaibhav Chabbra it’s making by any means necessary – 3D print ting, laser cutting, woodwork, scrap metal you name it. Andrew’s fave was 16 year old Preem’s prototype for a cardboard kids balance bike.

B+A Books etc.

Marina Abramovic knew she’d found her medium from the moment she based her first performance piece on a Yugoslavian game involving the combination of luck, knives, liquor and blood. “No painting, no object that I could make, could ever give me that kind of feeling,” she writes in her memoir. Just ignore the a weird voyeuristic old-school anthropologist vibe throughout the mid-section, we reckon. This is a powerful and charismatic glimpse in to Abramovic’s world.

B+A Big Up

Yesterday, Ade took part in a Patchbox workshop by GUČAS MORGAN, who design and produce clothes that draw on elements of tailoring, craft and decoration. She brought along an old denim shirt that needed ‘a serious upgrade’ and after two hours of intense sewing (and gluing), she created her very own masterpiece. Denim shirt 2.0. Upcycling – all the cool kids are at it.

B+A Babble

Empire Windrush arrived in Essex in 1948, bringing people from various Caribbean islands, as citizens (yep) as a response to post-war labour shortages in the UK. These families survived, thrived and helped to build the Britain we know and love today. 70 years after the Empire Windrush docked, comes a new work from Phoenix Dance Theatre which is described as “moving as it is harrowing”. Get your tickets now and show some love to the Windrush generation.

26th, 27 + 28th April 2018.
Peacock Theatre, Portugal Street, Holborn, WC2A 2HT. 

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