Tuning into Change, Faisal Abdu’Allah, Special Guest, the best teacher in the world & Jason Revok (B+A Bulletin #130)

Tuning into Change, Faisal Abdu’Allah, Special Guest, the best teacher in the world & Jason Revok (B+A Bulletin #130)

Why hello there.
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Let’s hang, chat here via the interwebz and not be creepy. Deal? Deal.

We had a great time chatting, post-it noting and debating with some of our Tuning into Change rockstars this weekend. They went through a pretty intense 4 day B+A curriculum and smashed their final presentation. Proud as punch.

Right B+A Bulletin 130 – come along for the riiiiide…

B+A Brilliance

Faisal Abdu’Allah is a barber and artist. His work centres around Afro-British culture : he contributes to creating culture and documents it. Faisal’s practice is interdisciplinary – encompassing photography, printmaking, video and installation, to name a few mediums. Abdu’Allah asks probing questions about faith, masculinity, memory, and violence. His latest work titled ‘The Duppy Conquerer and other works’ is on at the Autograph ABP until April 2018 [Rivington Pl, London EC2A 3BA].

B+A Books etc.

You already know the dealio – not all education comes through pages in a book. Although, Matt Weatherall’s latest event ‘Special Guest‘ is a masterclass in ‘The Culture Code‘ Chapter 5 – all about creating that sense of belonging yo. 50 audience members, 50 speakers (yup, you got it, that’s right.) 60 seconds each to talk about whatever your heart desires. Humans are wonderful. Go along, share and you’ll most likely meet a new friend/ partner in crime/ mentor / potential bae…

B+A Big Up

A special big up to the world’s best teacher. Andria Zafirakou is the first teacher from the UK to win the Global Teacher Prize. Andria has gone above and beyond her role at Alperton Community College – by preventing gangs recruiting pupils as they wait at bus-stops, teaching herself the basics of numerous languages and even redesigning an entire curriculum to resonate with an ethnically diverse student body. Hero.

B+A Babble

Another week, another social media campaign to boycott H&M. H&M filed a lawsuit allegedly asking the court to rule that any and all unsanctioned or illegal artwork should be devoid of copyright protection and can be used by any brand or corporation, without any payment or needing the artist’s permission. Woah.

Jason Revok’s artwork is prominent in H&M’s campaign (pic above). However, it was also painted illegally on NYC property. Does that mean it shouldn’t be protected by copyright at all? What does this mean for artists whose works exist in the public domain? Blurred lines. Either way a lesson in a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T and co-creation with key figures from subcultures wouldn’t have gone amiss here…


B+A Bye

Adieu. Be good or don’t get caught. Til next time.
Love, Team B+A x