Tuning into Change, The Defiant Ones, Happy Birthday André & Childish Gambino (B+A Bulletin #137)

Tuning into Change, The Defiant Ones, Happy Birthday André & Childish Gambino (B+A Bulletin #137)

Happy Wednesday!

What happening?

You feeling good?

You should be. Adesuwa thinks so too. Just look at the excitement on her face! As you may have guessed by her surroundings, Adesuwa and Tamika are out-n-about in NYC, doing what they do best, exploring, working hard and making it all look effortless. We’re well jel.
This week, you have me, Andre

to guide you through the highlands of the internet.


B+A Bulletin 137. Let’s get started…

B+A Brilliance

Last Friday the B+A team headed to the Barbican to witness an army of young musicians from all over the world play beautifully under the skilful guidance of Gustavo Dudamel, world-famous conductor. B+A was asked to help these brilliant young musicians write ‘Tuning into change’ a book about music, and its potential to create social impact. The book was written, designed, and printed just in time to have it on everybody’s seats in the auditorium on the day of the performance. No pressure at all. Read more about what went down with these brilliant young people here.

B+A Books etc.

This afternoon, Jenny told the team about The Defiant Ones, a documentary that follows the lives of Hip Hop mogul Dr.Dre and Pop/Rock music genius Jimmy Iovine. Jenny thinks it’s a must watch for those looking for a good documentary with solid business management lessons. The Defiant Ones is available on Netflix, but only for a limited time. So chop chop, guys!

B+A Big Up


It’s my birthday tomorrow. I’ve been alive for 26 years now. Life has been good to me. Big up myself. I am open to any gifts you have to offer. I am also accepting money transfer. Message me privately for bank details. Bless you x

B+A Babble

Whatever controversy you’ve seen Kanye West try to conjure up in pop culture lately, forget all of it. Actor/Director/Musician Childish Gambino is creating conversation in the way every artist should, with great art. Last week, Childish Gambino released his new single ‘This is America’, alongside a video that is weird, intriguing, and deeply disturbing all at the same time. Since its release, there is no end to the amount of articles attempting  to ‘debunk’ the symbolism in the 4:05min time slot. Click the link and take a gander. Make sure there are no kids hovering over your screens when you watch it, too!

B+A Bye…

Goodbye now.

Missing you already.

Soak in all the Vitamin D the sun has to offer.

Drink loads of water too.


Love, Team B+A