Welcoming a new teamie, The Habitat, Maria Balshaw & The Subversion of Paradoxes (B+A Bulletin #141)

Welcoming a new teamie, The Habitat, Maria Balshaw & The Subversion of Paradoxes (B+A Bulletin #141)


Hi guys. It’s Luke here, a virgin voice on the B+A Bulletin scene.

Super excited to be joining you, serving you Bulletin #141, live and direct from London.

Let’s get started, shall we?

B+A Brilliance

We’re kicking off by welcoming Abi to our ever-growing family of B+A teamies. Here she is in a nutshell:

Girl Effect. Classicist. Potty mouth. Keeps music live. Ethiopian jazz clubs. Queen delegator. Good fight fighter. Creative discernment. Sex activist.

Want to get to know Abi a little better? Course you do! You can catch her on [email protected].

B+A Books etc.

Take a glimpse at life in outer space (sort of) – via The Habitat, the latest podcast release from Gimlet Media. This 7-part series documents the IRL activities of 6 people who volunteered to spend a year in a terrestrial simulation of Mars, as part of a NASA-funded dress rehearsal for a future mission to the Red Planet.

Thoughtfully produced and hosted by Lynn Levy, the show interrogates the social dynamics of living in a confined space for a year, with empathy, humour and, erm, stories of floating human excrement. Houston, we have a winner.

B+A Big Up

This week we’re sending a shout out to Dr Maria Balshaw CBE, who is the guest speaker at our second annual St Barnabas Address on Wednesday 20 June, hosted by our friends at the House of Barnabas. Maria is Director of Tate – the first woman to take this role, having previously been running the show at the Whitworth, University of Manchester and Manchester City Galleries.

Want to join us there? We’re offering a place at this event to the first 5 people to reply to this message (or email [email protected]). A chance for us to big you up for being such an enthusiastic Bulletin reader…

B+A Babble

Last night Luke was at an interactive talk given by research platform Internet Age Media in collaboration with Defrag, exploring the theme of The Subversion of Paradoxes in art and technology. Heavy stuff.

Topline: we are the tools we need to return to using the internet, rather than being used by it. Or, in the repeated words of digital avatar and artist LaTurbo Avedon: “Your data is more valuable than the services you give it to”.

B+A Bye…

Thanks for having me guys! Wishing you all successful weeks.

Watch Love Island. Or don’t.

Luke and Team B+A