We’re hiring!, Angela Davis, Ghostwriters #2 (almost), Richard Mosse & Women in AI (B+A Bulletin #76)

Yooooooooooo. Sun’s shining in LDN town hey? Hope that vitamin D is giving you a little pep in your step.

First thang. We’re off next week with BETC to share new offices in Shoreditch’s TEA Building. In the past year, we’ve done a shitload of good-ass work which has accumulated a heap of good-ass data in the form of paper, post-its, diagrams, artefact cards and works of art. We’re spring cleaning and getting ready to move to pastures new.

Second thang. As you might have guessed from the wee clue above. We want to become a team of 7 pretty soon. Click the button below to find out more.

We love a bit of newness round here. Nice. Nice. Nice.

B+A member #7 maybe?

B+A Brilliance

THE Angela Davis

On Saturday, Tamika went to hear what would be the most intelligent and influential talk of her little life thus far at WOW Festival. Yup. Forget DJ Khaled’s major keys, these are Angela Davis’ major keys:

1. “We are creating the terrain for something that may happen 50 years from now. And often when I say this people become depressed, because they say ‘maybe I won’t be around 50 years from now,’ but so what! What difference does that make?”

2. “Progressive men need to take the initiative themselves, they don’t need to be invited. What is important now is that we don’t see the emergence of masculine, individualist leaders – we need to see a collective leadership.”

3. “Stand not with those women who are trying to break the glass ceiling but with those for whom the floor is constantly collapsing.”

Less from us, more from Angela herself – click above.

B+A Books etc.  

This week’s gem of wisdom comes recommended by Andre from Charles Landry – The Art of City Making. “I’ve applied this quote to my own work life. I’m learning how to see my work as an act of service rather than an act of competition. Having an aim to be the best ‘for’ the industry rather than the best ‘in’ the industry is a challenging mind shift, but I feel it’s necessary one to make.”

Oh, and before we forget. On books. On Ghostwriter’s Society. Andre’s put together the below pictorial representation of the second event. It didn’t turn out exactly as we’d planned. But lots of learning was involved. Read about what happened (or didn’t) here.

Psssssst. In case you need it: taking an L.

B+A Big Up 

Jenny and Ben went to see photographer Richard Mosse’s show ‘Incoming’ at The Barbican. It’s an incredibly powerful examination of conflict, trauma and migration, using haunting images taken with a long-range thermal imaging camera. Go now.

Richard Mosse – Incoming

15 February 2017 – 23 April 2017. Curve Gallery, The Barbican. 

B+A Babble

Nina brought this siiiiiick article to our attention – its about women in artificial intelligence. More to the point, and more interestingly, its about WHY more women in AI is absolutely essential. Tabitha Goldstaub’s a boss. Co-founder of London-based AI platform CognitionX, one of the original minds behind Future Girl Corp  – she’s on a mission to ensure that women are better represented in the tech industry. Click here to read more from Cognition X. After whetting your appetite with the words, click the image to attend the event.

B+A Bye…

Hang tight. Speak to you from the new digs next week.

Not sure why but we’ve been leaving with a lot of unsolicited self care advice in this section of late, so here goes straight from Bobby Brutal who is keeping it strictly Ital. Be good to yourselves, or don’t, its up to you really…

Love, Team B+A.