+1 Tom, Abdou Cisse, Client Love & Ethereum (B+A Bulletin #118)

+1 Tom, Abdou Cisse, Client Love & Ethereum (B+A Bulletin #118)

Christmas party last night. Food. Drinks. Karaoke sesh.

4:30am home arrival. This hangover is very real. Let’s keep this brief, yeah?
Bulletin #118. Leggo.


B+A Brilliance

+1 of the year. You made last night really really spesh. Thanks, Tom x

B+A Books etc.

Presence: A photography project by Abdou Cisse. Photographer, filmmaker, and creative at W+K.

A year-long experiment, inspired by his personal experience of being short-sighted. Executed in a way that challenges our unconscious biases. Catch his vision here.

B+A Big Up

2017 would not have been half as good without these amazing folks. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you all. We hope to join you on bigger and greater adventures in the year to come!

B+A Babble

£100 worth of cryptocurrency. Thanks for the christmas gift, Ben and Andrew.


B+A Bye…

Crack a bottle. Raise a glass to the past 12 months. We made it.

See you next year!

Love, Team B+A xxx