2020. We Outta Here. (B+A Bulletin #268)

2020. We Outta Here. (B+A Bulletin #268)

B+A Bye…

Hey !

As the B+A studios in Portland, London and Shanghai prepare to close their doors for the festive period this Friday, we just wanna stop by to wish you the happiest and most restful of holidays.

It’s been a pretty wild ride this year, but not one without its magic. So we decided to spread a lil mp4 love, to preserve the memory of the good stuff that 2020 fostered. Have a click here to hear from the teamiest team, reflecting on the year that was. (Yep, this video was made for internal use, so excuse the smooshiness.) And thank you as ever Chris Hyndman for making it happen.

And you. Congrats to you too for making it through this crazy year. You’re stronger for it for sure.

Now, if you can, take a break! + we’ll catch you on the flip side. 

Remember – all you need is _____,
Everyone at Team B+A