A New Look, Luke on Film, Women’s World Cup, The Bookplace & Myna Mahila Foundation (B+A Bulletin #191)

A New Look, Luke on Film, Women’s World Cup, The Bookplace & Myna Mahila Foundation (B+A Bulletin #191)

B+A Breaking

Notice anything different about us? That’s right, new hair, dya like it?

No but seriously, we thought it was high time we gave ourselves a lil facelift, and tested some new stuff out. Some of it’ll stick and some maybe won’t, but you’ll bear with us right, we’re only human.

But some stuff never changes, like finishing B+A Breaking with a reminder of just which issue we’re up to. And today, it’s Bulletin #191…

PS. Nic on the flick: Thomas Heatherwick’s newly-opened Vessel, Hudson Yards, NYC.

B+A Brilliance

Simple one this week: the Women’s World Cup starts this Friday, and Nike are ready to celebrate. Their ‘Dream Beyond’ campaign video is actually so rad. I got goosebumps. And it’s the first YouTube ad Elliot has ever watched right through. You should take a look. Go on…just do it (sorry).

B+A Books etc.

Tackling adult illiteracy is vital to integrating the most marginalised communities. After all, how can someone tell their story when they can’t be understood? Right now, South London Gallery is celebrating The Bookplace, a 20-year grassroots movement that taught adults to read – through self-publishing and distributing their own stories as books. It’s true community empowerment. We can all be schooled.

B+A Babble

Riiiiight. We’re back to serve you yet another slice of B+A teamie video realness – on here before it’s anywhere else. And this time it’s, erm, me that you’ll be getting to know. Have a click to meet the guy behind the words.

Credit, as ever, to the almighty Almass. She’s a magician.

B+A Big Up

50% of Mumbai’s population live on just 8% of the land – land that’s becoming increasingly marshy and unliveable. This information comes from Suhani Jalota, founder of Myna Mahila Foundation, delivered to a crowd including Tamika and André at Brain Barin Budapest.

Suhani exclusively employs women who live in these urban slubs in Mumbai to manufacture and sell affordable sanitary pads back into their communities, improving menstrual hygiene, providing stable employment and building a trusted network. We didn’t learn much about the future of technology at Brain Bar, but we did leave feeling inspired about the future of humanity.

B+A Bye…

And if all that weren’t enough, here’s a complete set of our smiling faces. Lovely.

Til next time…

Luke and Team B+A