Accidental Powercut 2, San Jose Tech Museum, For, Keeps Bookstore, Finn Taylor & Brand Purpose Lies (B+A Bulletin #176)

Accidental Powercut 2, San Jose Tech Museum, For, Keeps Bookstore, Finn Taylor & Brand Purpose Lies (B+A Bulletin #176)

B+A Breaking

Hi, hullo, hullo,

Happy Half Term! Hope you’ve kept any little’uns who belong to you amused, yourself amused and your head held high this week.

Tamika here taking over the B+A Bulletin today whilst Luke takes some much-deserved time out. Pinky-promise the Bulletin will be returned to its rightful owner next time you hear from us.

So, important news. Urgent news. Urgent and important news. Accidental Power Cut round two is on the horizon. It will be raw, unplugged and live. After you make the best decision of the week thus far by copping yourself the last of the remaining few tickets, you can enjoy some digital B+A juice right here, right now.

Bulletin #176 is yours to explore…

B+A Brilliance

Last week while he was in Silicon Valley, Andrew took the time to visit the San Jose Tech Museum of Innovation and made this. Yes. Tech is very scary. The image is so tiny because we didn’t want to give you nightmares. Enough said here people.

B+A Books etc.

In more soothing news, we may have found our new literary safehaven in For, Keeps the brainchild of Rosa Duffy. Tamika took a 30 minute detour down MLK in Atlanta, Georgia to spend some time in this gem with this gem. Whilst many of her books are on sale for as little as $5, some are collectibles and others are not for sale. Yup. Rosa told us that she hopes first and foremost that people find connections in her space to both the books and to each other, hence some titles being permanent fixtures.

B+A Big Up

Finn Taylor is our guy. Interested in the world around him, always. Moves with kindness, as standard. Creates beautiful and timely content, day-in+day-out.

He has been spending pockets of time with people who use social media in various ways : ex-cons, emerging rappers and pre-teen gamers to be precise. He’s looking for women, who use the ‘gram as a work tool, or for giggles, or to engage with people (or are looking to get engaged!?) Get in touch by responding to this Bulletin. You’ll get to meet an A1 human and come away with some sick portraits. Win win.

B+A Babble

Elliott shared an article with us this week, provocatively named ‘Brand Purpose is a Lie.’ No mincing of words here. Right now, purpose is often left in the hands of ad agencies. Every second brief begins, “In a world where everybody is increasingly polarised, at least they can come together over [insert client’s product here].” Takeaway advice – think like a Quaker : ‘wealth is meaningless unless you used it to raise the living standards of others.’

B+A Bye…

That’s all for now folks!

Unsolicited advice back for one week only: write someone a heartfelt postcard and pop it in the letterbox. Unexpected post that isn’t a bill really makes a mundane day pretty special. You know, if you want… no presh…

Love always,
Team B+A