Action Through Collaboration. (B+A Bulletin #248)

Action Through Collaboration. (B+A Bulletin #248)

B+A Breaking

Live + Direct from B+A LDN HQ…

But actually this time.

A few of us have started cycling/walking into the studio for some socially-distanced collaboration. And let me tell you, it feels pretty rad working side-by-side with your teamies once again.

So good in fact, that I stuck around afterwards to put pen to studio paper, on this – your Bulletin #248.

In praise of teams. Not Teams, teams.

B+A Big Up I

Cause-based campaigns. Yikes. That territory is delicate af. So big, big props are due to the team at Bodyform, whose new #wombstories campaign packs an unashamed punch. It’s about women’s relationships with their bodies and their periods, but also about family, fertility and death. Bringing women closer through honest storytelling. The animation is beautiful, the stories real, and the sentiment truly palpable. We salute you.

B+A Brilliance

How do you educate children about race in the wake of the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests? What’s the right age, and what language should be used for such complex issues? This free pdf aimed at parents is crystal clear, light when it should be, and weighty when it needs to be. We think the language is just as useful for adults too. Because there is strength in simplicity – and without strength there’s no change.

B+A Babble

Since Charlie Dark intro’d us to Mark White last year, we haven’t looked back. Mark is the founder of multiple ventures that all share a common belief: that movement and reflection hold the keys to collective transformation. Run Grateful is his latest initiative and involves 24 people, running 24 miles in 24 hours – dedicating each mile to something or someone they are grateful for. The mission is to connect the world through gratitude, with the power of running as the vehicle. It takes place on 4-5th September – but applications are open right now

B+A Big Up II

The National Saturday Club is a UK-wide charity connecting young people with opportunities to explore creativity and learning through local universities, museums and organisations. It’s about developing skills and social capital through events and workshops that would usually be hidden behind closed doors.

So, with most doors now not only locked but also unsafe to go anywhere near, Covid has been a pretty tough time. But CEO Lucy Kennedy and her team switched to digital classes pretty much straight away, helping kids no longer getting any education at all continue building their extra-curricular creativity. And now they’ve followed suit with their summer showcase: the work of 1,500 young people, online like that was the plan all along, inspiration fully on lock. Now it’s your turn: here’s the key.

B+A Bye…

We draw to a close, reminded of our collaborative strength.

And with that, we move.

Luke and Team B+A