Anti Blueprint, Pro Future (B+A Bulletin #257)

Anti Blueprint, Pro Future (B+A Bulletin #257)

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Well be with you, indeed.

B+A here, Luke specifically, with the Bulletin goods this Wednesday. Juicing up your inbox with that little bit of B+A goodness you’ve been waiting for all week.

Today we’re sponsored by @EmojiPrincesses. A new kinda monarchy, here to lead us into that brave new world we’re all craving.

We scroll.

B+A Books etc.

Jonathan Weaver, here to bring us the news we need in a year no one could have predicted. Jon has been working throughout lockdown to compile the stories of people he admires, exploring how they’ve achieved their role in the world. These stories are all going into a big beautiful book, The Anti Blueprint Project, proving that success can come from pretty much any route imaginable. 

It’s an elegant sentiment – with the aesthetics to match. You can read more about the project here, or on the gram, or dive right into a story I’ve picked entirely at random (sup Tamika).

B+A Brilliance

Shirts on and hats off to Fred Perry. Back in September 2019, after the appropriation of one of their signature shirts by the Neo-facist Proud Boys, the brand quietly + decisively jumped into action by pulling the entire line in the US. This week, they’ve released a statement about this move – and in doing so remind us of the defiantly socialist values the brand was built on, and contributing to their counterculturist history.

It’s enough to get Andrew donning the mod uniform again, doing his bit to save Fred Perry from the fascists.

B+A Brilliance II

This one’s got us going.Thursday is a new dating app in the UK, looking to make a splash as it debuts on the scene. And what better, juicier way to do so than through a ‘leaked’ internal email direct from the Chairman about inappropriate staff behaviour in the toilets (and during a pandemic, too!!).

The email was followed up minutes later by a second message, this time deliberately meant for a public audience – apologising to users for the mistake. Oh, and reminding them of the app’s launch date, of course…

As yet, Thursday have declined to comment. If only relationships could show these levels of commitment. Sigh.

B+A Big Up

Andy Middleton is one of those people who really makes shit happen. He’s a dreamer whose feet are firmly in reality – but a reality that has the potential to be way better than it is right now.  

Andy’s a specialist in sustainability – in creating new systems for growth that have more faith in the planet and each other. We’re talking whole new approaches to farming. To industry innovation. To retail. This week Nicola and I spent an afternoon visioning a new world with Andy, asking ourselves just one question: “What would you set out to achieve, if you knew you couldn’t fail?”

Try it yourself. And hit us up with your thoughts, we’re listening…

B+A Bye…

Ok ok ok, that’s yer lot.

Catch ya next time.

Luke and Team B+A