Art Against Knives, Afro Surf, End Laptop Poverty. (B+A Bulletin #271)

Art Against Knives, Afro Surf, End Laptop Poverty. (B+A Bulletin #271)

B+A Breaking

Gggggood morning West Coast, evening London, and Shanghai…what you doing up at this hour?

This dope artwork comes from Art Against Knives, a London-based charity using creativity to combat youth violence. And it reached us via newest teamie Katy, who pre-B+A was pretty busy founding + running the show over at AAK. Katy, we stan!

Lots of goodies in here today. Kicking off with another B+A champion…

B+A Brilliance

Here it is: B+A’s latest team mp4 offering. Starring the great Giulia Macgarr, doing what she does best – enquiring, reflecting, stitching, conjuring. No additional hype required. Click click to get under the skin of a real one.

And in case you didn’t know – the full suite of films to date are all live on B+A HQ, just waiting to be explored. Get to know us a lil bit more!

B+A Babble

With the UK embracing a second wave of home schooling that looks set to continue for a hot minute, public attention is rightfully being drawn to kids currently without access to tech. And whilst this is yet another example of covid spelling out the wealth divide for us, there are a bunch of good people jumping up to help. A couple that we know who are hungry for your old laptops + tablets are: End Laptop Poverty (UK wide), Power to Connect (SW London) and B+A pals The Outrunners (Hackney). The easiest way to change a life.

B+A Big Up

Shout Out UK is a social enterprise on a mission to end political illiteracy amongst young people. They do this through delivering educational programmes on democracy, media training and courses on identifying misinformation online. Basically, the juice the world needs right now.

Last week we had the pleasure of hanging out (digitally, ofc) with Ralitsa from their team, who explained that educating young people about this big stuff always starts with building their resilience: after all, you gotta feel empowered if you’re gonna learn anything new. A reminder for any of us out here trying to change the world.

B+A Books etc.

In our annual dream-client audit (watch out AOC), it was suggested we send a rose to the African surf culture brand Mami Wata. Their mission is to challenge the Western-owned gaze over surfing culture, championing surfing as a holistic lifestyle.

If this idea catches your interest, check out their book AFROSURF, a just-released comprehensive documentation and celebration of surfing and related street culture in Africa (ft. an essay by our very own Kone). It’s beautiful. It matters. Click that link.

B+A Bye…

Be here, be kind, be well.

Oh, and – welcome, Mr President! 

Lots of love,
Luke + Team B+A