B+A Balance, Miryam Solomon x Accidental Power Cut, Andy Warhol at the Whitney & Political Campaigning (B+A Bulletin #172)

B+A Balance, Miryam Solomon x Accidental Power Cut, Andy Warhol at the Whitney & Political Campaigning (B+A Bulletin #172)

B+A Breaking

Oh hey, here we are again. Nice to see you!

Andrew made this neat lil palindromic number earlier this week, summing up the B+A hustle. Keeping us inspired as we fight the good fight across the globe.

Fancy some examples of said Great Work? Well, look no further than here, your B+A Bulletin #172…

B+A Brilliance

Here at B+A we kick off the week with an invention called B+A Balance (stay tuned for the ™). It’s team time, all holistic like, to enjoy each others company and upgrade the collective brain. And this week Tamika hit it out of the park in a Bulletin-worthy way, schooling us in the difference between social psychology and neuroscience – via the medium of speaking in tongues.

We’re inspired. Next step: reading this.

B+A Books etc.

Curated by the mad talent of Donna De Salvo, the Whitney in NY is mid-season of a massive retrospective of works by Andy Warhol. From A to B and Back Again explores the complexities of Warhol’s recognisable style through the lens of a whole heap of new research and scholarship – and more importantly, has the Rosy seal of approval.

B+A Big Up

Last week we introduced And Is Phi, one third of our line up for Accidental Power Cut – our experimental music night on 30 January (that’s one week today!)

Joining her on the night will be Miryam Solomon, blending jazz and folk textures with African polyrhythms, lyrical wit and a distinctive vocal style. Miryam’s childhood hobby of writing short stories and tales have influenced her approach to songwriting which is simultaneously intuitive and an exploration of that which does not neatly fit into categories.

Your final performer gets her shout out next week (but if you’re impatient, click here). And now we’ve oh-so-generously given your playlist for the day, Join us on the night.

B+A Babble

Declaring you were ‘conceived in Harlesdon’ might seem like an unusual way to win votes, but in politics connecting with the public by emphasising your local links is a tried-and-tested campaign strategy. Interestingly enough though, just how local you like to keep it seems to say a lot about the state of political affairs.

This thought provoking study digs deeper on this, analysing 3,700 campaign leaflets so you don’t have to (cheers for that one guys).

B+A Bye…

One last piece of unsolicited advice? Go on then… No matter what, you can bet the juiciest insights are always somewhere in the middle.

That is – Never Odd Or Even.

Team B+A