B+A Bulletin #192 – It Comes But Once a Year.

B+A Bulletin #192 – It Comes But Once a Year.

B+A Breaking


Big few weeks ahead for B+A. We out here, in-field, seeking the stories and delivering the goods, throughout the US, across Europe, in Shanghai, Seoul and Mumbai.

But first. It comes but once a year.

It’s the St Barnabas Address, of course. This year, we’re humbled to be welcoming the literally astronomical Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun, aka the “Willy Wonka of Design”. On 26th June, she’ll be delivering a keynote lecture on the theme of encouragement, to an audience at the mystical chapel of the House of St Barnabas.

Please let us know if you want to join us – but you better be quick, space is very limited !

Bulletin #192, we have lift off…

B+A Brilliance

Here’s a little more about Dr NBH. Because she is a pretty cool person to get to know. She’s an explorer, activist and experiential designer, working at the intersection of science, theatre, politics, music and design. She directs the National Space Orchestra. And her doppelgängers move between Mountain View, London, Amsterdam and NYC. In case your intrigue needed catching one last time…

B+A Books etc.

If you can say it in under 100 pages, then you’re doing alright. So props to Mark Fisher for this sharp and insightful probeinto our post-capitalist (?) construct.

There is another way. We’ve just gotta find the courage and creativity to make it happen.

B+A Babble

And while we’re feeling dystopic… archiphile Andrew shared this “corduroy concrete” beauty, designed by Paul Rudolph, discovered on his recent travels in Boston.

The building serves as Boston’s Government Service Centre, and feels suitably dramatic for it. It’s also technically still unfinished, cos perfect ain’t a thing.

B+A Big Up

Asking ‘why?’ is the quickest route to getting under the skin of human emotion. But, let’s face it, we gotta do more than that. And Mary Min is on it, saving us all with her project The 5 Whys; a “unique collection of visualised interviews which unlocks the underlying motivations of humans” (that’s live and direct from her yo).

Mary is also hanging out with B+A (London team) for the next few weeks, co-plotting all kinds of magic. Go on – ask us why.

B+A Bye…

Ok ok time to return reluctantly to Earth. But once we land, at least we’ve got this wholesome deliciousness to look forward to. Howzat…

Luke and Team B+A