B+A Bulletin #193 – Krispy Kremes, Motown, Arguing, Le Modéle Noir & A Company Of Elders.

B+A Bulletin #193 – Krispy Kremes, Motown, Arguing, Le Modéle Noir & A Company Of Elders.

B+A Breaking

Oh hey there people,

Come through, kick off your shoes, make yourselves comfortable…

B+A’s Tuesday morning focus was all about celebrating our very own King Elliot and his successful completion of a full rotation around the sun. 

Drop him a little line and show him some birthday love would ya?
But before you do, we’ve got a little show & tell for you…

Bulletin #193, let’s get it.  

PS. Stunning picture courtesy of the incredibly talented Almass, obvs. 

B+A Brilliance

Just look at Ben and Ade striking some very impressive poses at the Motown Museum in Detroit. Having relocated the label to LA in the ’70s, founder Berry Gordy often speaks of the importance of its roots being honoured in Detroit:

“When I look back on that magical time in Detroit, I’m reminded of how a company, based on love, fairness and competition, came together to create something special. It was about music and so much more. It was part of Detroit’s soul.” 

The vision and mission were strong, Berry. We stan a leader who places love (and, umm, competiton) at the centre of their business.

B+A Books etc.

Think again‘ is a masterclass in persuasion from the inspiring philosopher who has taught a million people to argue through his popular open online course. Our personal and political worlds are rife with arguments and disagreements – some of them frustrating and painful.

The inability to compromise and understand the other side will only contract our thinking instead of expanding it. 

Hopefully this little read will focus on how to reason, argue but also change your mind, if you so wish to. Just a little humble build from us…

B+A Babble

Le modéle noir at Musee d’Orsay is well worth the day-trip if you’re in Europe. Shout out to friend of B+A, Lemara, for recommending this one. This exhibition offers a new perspective on a topic which has been disregarded for too long, in our humble opinion : the major contribution of black people and personalities to art history. It’s both incredibly powerful and beautifully intimate. You have until July 21st. Go go go – get that Eurostar. 

B+A Big Up

Back in 2005, in another life, Andrew commissioned a new piece that brought together Portuguese choreographer Clara Andermatt and (what was then called) The Lillian Baylis Over 60s Performance Group. It was during that festival that the “Company of Elders” dance ensemble was born. Last week Andrew was invited to a re-staging of Clara and the Company’s work, Natural at London’s Sadler’s Wells. If you haven’t checked them out, please do so – the Company of Elders redefine what dance is, can and should be.


B+A Bye…

That’s all for now folks – catch you on the flipside… 

… and remember, you’re doing great.
Honestly, give yourself some props.
You killed it this week. 

Love, Tamika and Team B+A