B+A Bulletin #194 – This One’s Reaaaaal Simple.

B+A Bulletin #194 – This One’s Reaaaaal Simple.

B+A Breaking

Heyo, it’s me (Luke), back once again. How’ve you been?

Thanks to Tamika, Bulletin OG, for keeping it bubbling last week – while I was taking it aaaall in across the way in Shanghai. As ever, shout out to the effervescent Amanda Wangfor the local tips, tricks and Lego-sneaker treats.

B+A Bulletin #194: Lots and lots of lovely things to share, so hold tight, let’s jump right in…

B+A Brilliance

We’ve added YET ANOTHER beautiful soul to the London team (and wasted no time in packing her off to LA as we speak). Meet Giulia below – and when you’re done, give her a welcome message for when she lands. [email protected] is the address you need.

Engaged. Attentive. Proper Pochemuchka: asking all the questions. Potter. Chopper. Changer. Loyal friend. Home: NW London. Exploring: always. You don’t need all the ingredients for the recipe.

PS there’s more where that came from…

B+A Books etc.

This print by Abram Games is one of a selection currently on show at the National Army Museum. Games was a pioneering designer for the Financial Times, Guinness and London Underground. When enlisted in the military for his skills, he used his storytelling ability primarily to create designs aimed at the army (as opposed to the public), to help keep them fit and healthy. All created with airbrush, then cut, stuck and reprinted. AndrĂ© would be proud.

PS, on the subject of vintage transport poster designers, does this name ring a bell?

B+A Babble

Oh snap, she’s at it again…Almass adding more strings to her already impressively-populated creative bow. This time, she was invited to curate an evening of live music at London’s Science Gallery, on the theme of ‘Dark Matter’.

The resultant blend of electronic harps, acoustic sax, ethereal singers and DJs was suitably galactic (and also a straight up banger).

B+A Big Up

This one’s reaaaaal simple. We have so, so much time for Cara Sabin, the beauty industry visionary on a crystal clear mission.

Verbatim, it’s this: “To celebrate, elevate and promote Black Women in Beauty through constructive, intentional collaboration and networking, while inspiring one another toward our collective greatness.”

Tamika’s on board. B+A are on board. Let’s create.

B+A Bye…

Time to love + leave you – right now, it’s jackets on as we head down to hear from Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun at B+A’s St Barnabas Address. See some of you there! 

Oh and – if you’re a business owner, we’ve got a secret mission for you. Give Kelsey a shout if you’re curious. 

Love, Luke and Team B+A