B+A Bulletin #195 – Your Most Radical, Creative, Beautiful Friend.

B+A Bulletin #195 – Your Most Radical, Creative, Beautiful Friend.

B+A Breaking

Hi! SO good to see you.

It’s all change in team PDX. While Kelsey bounces round the world on a top-secret mission (she’s currently exploring beautiful Seoul), Ben’s reluctantly said farewell to Nic as she returns to London. But on the flipside, he’s welcomed in TWO lovely new faces ready to solve aaaall the problems.

Aintcha just dying to meet em?

Well, Bulletin #195 will provide…

B+A Brilliance

First off, meet Robi:

Dogs. Words. Collage. Puppies. Books. “art(?)”. Hounds. Theater. Repetition. Repetition.

And just you wait until you find out about their B+A application. Spoiler: there were skeletons. A true thing of beauty.

B+A Brilliance II

We’re just getting started. I love this game! You ready for Mo?

Soccer. Writing. Running. Kids. Teaching. Can’t sit still. Films: Important ones, Weird ones, Terrible ones. Dogs. The right cat. Connecting. Wine. All the tacos.

Now more than ever, if you’re round Portland way, you gotta drop in and say hey. We can’t wait to show these guys off.

B+A Books etc.

Shorthand: we’re all obsessed with Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun now. Full write up next week, but in the meantime, Nelly’s immaculate conception University of the Underground is currently accepting applications for its **free** summer school in New York on the subject of Post Nation States. Tell your most radical, creative, beautiful friend.

B+A Babble

As influencers smudge into celebrities and Insta algorithms get ever shadier, there’s one thing that feels crystal clear: the retail landscape just ain’t that trustworthy a place anymore.

Founded by Paris-born NYC pro-innovator Manon RouxCountr is an app that exists to bring human connection back into shopping. It’s powered by a community of real people, offering genuine recco’s based on your unique style choices – cherishing honesty over brand sponsorships. Bringing authenticity back into the retail game: true people power.

B+A Big Up

Kitchen & Soul is a pretty apt hustle. They’re all about nutrition and mental wellbeing, Ayurveda and empowerment – all smooshed together into all-natural SoulBalls (vegan too, duh). They’re also big on bringing humour into the imposingly-serious worlds of mindfulness/healthy eating. We’re into it.

Oh, and when K&S founder Nadra isn’t nurturing this fresh brand, you might well find her plotting a 100-event strong community programme with B+A. No biggie.

B+A Bye…

Thanks for reading guys. And remember: Life is short. So use your stickers. 

Luke and the newly expanded Team B+A