B+A Bulletin #197 – Let’s take a walk…

B+A Bulletin #197 – Let’s take a walk…

B+A Breaking

Mate. It’s scorching out here.

We hope you’re soaking in the sun and have smiles on your faces that are at least half the size of Ade’s.

I’m currently writing this is an incredibly well-conditioned, incredibly empty office in East London. Luke is somewhere in the world doing something and Tamika is galavanting in the streets of L.A.

So this week you’re stuck with me, André the first.

Bulletin #197… Let’s tuck in.

B+A Brilliance

Springboard elevates the diversity conversation by being one of the first inclusive art events catered to neurodivergent performers. By neurodivergent performers we mean performers with varying learning abilities. Their next event is happening at the beginning of August. Get involved.

B+A Books etc.

London stood still during the tragic Grenfell fire in June 2017. Despite all the chaotic coverage surrounding it years afterward, Gold & Ashes is an intimate, creative response to highlight the lives of the survivors of Grenfell, those who were caught in the fire, and the bereaved loved ones. This photo-series is led by creative director and photographer Feruza Afewerki, who lost her sister and niece in the fire. Gold & Ashes’ crowdfunding page is raising money for their 2020 exhibition, which will close in 3 days time!Have a look and support!

B+A Babble

The sun is out. The mood is high. It’s only right to head down to Crystal Palace and book yourself a volleyball court with a few mates. It’s one of Nic’s favourite places to be on the weekend. Heck, you might even see her there this weekend! Say hi if you do!

B+A Big Up

B+A has been cooking up something yummy and new, and we’re looking to serve it out to you soon. When we say soon, we mean in the next three weeks. All we’ll say for now is: keeping your eyes peeled for the upcoming bulletins may be a good shout. Just a heads up. Tell a friend to tell a friend!

B+A Bye…

This week, meet up with a mate, and take, a long walk, 

a-round the park, af-ter dark.

It’s the perfect time for it.

Keep it sweet.

Andre and Team B+A