B+A Bulletin #198 – Consider that vision realised.

B+A Bulletin #198 – Consider that vision realised.

B+A Breaking


The heatwave might be over. But we’re just warming up…

In fact, as we creep ever nearer to that big round #200, we’re cooking up all kinda surprises. And the good news is that by sitting right here, you’re in exactly the right place to find them.

But first things first – we’re starting a 6 month paid internship. If you’re 18-23 years old, curious and entrepreneurial, sign up! Or if you know the sh*t-hot person we should chat to, in either Portland or London, you know what to do.

Right. Bulletin #198 is served…

B+A Brilliance

If the idea of a virtual Cloud floating ‘somewhere’ isn’t mind-bending enough, it gets even wilder when you imagine how an accumulation of all the world’s personal data (yep, even that selfie you deleted back in 2011) can be exploited.

Imagination, meet reality. The Great Hackreveals what happens when data collecting becomes weaponised for mass manipulation, through the chilling narrative of Cambridge Analytica.

For us at B+A, who frolic with data on the daily, this was a must-watch. But for anyone invested in their data footprint and its dubious legacy, facing these truths, although scary, is very very important.

B+A Books etc.

Bookleggers is a non-profit community mobile library based out of Miami, Florida. They pitch up at rotating venues once a month and give away free books to the public. For those who are new to Bookleggers, the rules are simple and very beautiful…

1) Everyone gets one book for free.
2) They accept trades – a book for a book.
3) Each additional book you wanna buy will cost you $2.

Their intention is to build literary communities, filling the hole that vanishing bookstores and endangered libraries no longer always can.

B+A Big Up

A while back we had the delicious pleasure of working with FutureGirlCorp – a volunteer collective providing support and advice for future female CEOs. We gave them a lil helping hand in realising their vision of allowing girls all round the world to self-organise their own FGC meet-ups.

And now it’s officially a thing! FGC Worldwide is a free and flexible 12-module framework that any girl, anywhere can set up. Consider that vision realised yo.

B+A Babble

Well, I did warn you that there was something pretty exciting up our sleeves…and here it is. Take a glance at the very first shots (EVER) of B+A’s newest, shiniest, and most personal publication: Hotfoot.

For the past couple of years, we’ve been conspiring to figure out a way to effectively and authentically tell the stories we gather through our research and travel. Our iterations have had iterations have had iterations.

And now, we’ve finally made it. Hotfoot: Exploring from Point A to B, and all the moments in between. Keep it here to find out very soon how can get your hands on a copy of this super-limited print.

B+A Bye…

…but before we depart, now feels like a pretty good moment to say thank you for reading.

Brand new joiners: welcome, welcome, welcome
Recent-is subscribers: thanks for sticking around!
Established readers: put it here, old friend.

Luke and Team B+A