B+A Bulletin #200 – A Hotfoot Celebration…

B+A Bulletin #200 – A Hotfoot Celebration…

B+A Breaking

Goooooood morning!

Yep, as of today the B+A Bulletin is a whole 200 issues old. Nice!

You know we’re here to celebrate. But in all honesty, we aren’t always the best at bigging ourselves up. We’re always moving so much, it can be hard to bask in those moments of shared glory.

So we thought we’d mark this occasion in a way that felt a bit more B+A: by writing a book. Specifically, a book that tells the stories we’ve been collecting through all our travel and research…

Hotfoot. Exploring from point A to B, and all the moments in between.

We’re using this 200th Bulletin to give you an exclusive digital flavour of Hotfoot – before literally anyone else. 

And as a thank you for being a loyal Bulletineer (yeah, it’s a thing), we’ve got a handful of physical copies of Hotfoot to give away. Impatient readers, scroll straight to the bottom to find out how.

Everyone else, take time to enjoy your Bulletin #200: For the Curious Explorer…

B+A Big Up

But wait! We really wanna take this moment to thank and celebrate YOU. Because, cliche as it might be, there’d be zero point writing 200 Bulletins if nobody cared enough to read them.

In fact, there’s no one closer to the Bulletin than you. So, we’ve got a favour to ask.

We want you to complete this 5-minute survey, so we can keep the Bulletin as zingy at Issue #400 as we hope it is today.

And to say thank you, by completing this survey you’ll be in the running to get your paws on your own exclusive physical copy of Hotfoot – for free.

This book has a super exclusive print run. Completing the survey is the ONLY way to get a copy (and you’ll be helping us improve too – how’s that for a double motive?)

We need your opinions, so get typing yo!

B+A Bye…

You matter. So take up space. But most importantly – explore it.

Thank you for reading, and see you next week.

Team B+A