B+A Bulletin #201 – Remembering Ann Snidow, Demystifying B+A, Stanning Tamika & All the Youth Opportunities.

B+A Bulletin #201 – Remembering Ann Snidow, Demystifying B+A, Stanning Tamika & All the Youth Opportunities.

B+A Breaking

Boy was THAT fun.

Thanks for being there to help us ring in the big 200 last week. And if you missed the party, it’s not too late to fill out our survey to be in with a shot at winning a copy of B+A’s latest and greatest publication, Hotfoot.

Another thing it’s not too late for (if you are curious, entrepreneurial and have a generally cool energy) is our LDN / PDX Outliers programmes. Applications close this Friday though, so you better hop to it!

Back to life+reality now, as we launch into a new century, beginning right at the beginning, with Bulletin number two-oh-one. We commence.

B+A Brilliance

“I really like B+A, but what exactly is it you guys do?” Funnily enough, we get asked that quite a lot. After all, research and strategy can be a mysterious world to operate in, often not helped by being hidden in layers of NDA wrapping. So, without giving away too many of our secrets, our storyteller Almass has created a short video that sheds light on the first of our 3 questions we answer for clients: ‘What’s going on around us?’

B+A Books etc.

From one ‘Equals’ to another… Whilst we pat ourselves quietly on the back, you should defo read this interview with the B+A OG that is Tamika. It’s impressive, worldly, and charming. Can’t hazard why.

(PS I promise we don’t normally brag about stuff like this, but it’s the middle of August soooo…) 

B+A Babble

Obv you’ve already checked out our Outlier application form I just mentioned up there ^. But maybe you’re hungry for more cool stuff to get involved in? Well, the excellent Create Jobs are on the hunt for 18-24 year olds looking to build their career in the digital sector. And we’re looking for 18-25 year olds to help build a whooole new approach to education. No excuses guys – time to get your survey on.

B+A Big Up

Big thanks to Robi from B+A Portland, for spreading the love for feminist writer, teacher and activist Ann Snitow, who passed away last week. Ann was a mentor of Robi’s, and after reading this exquisite set of accounts from those who knew her, it’s pretty clear why.

Amongst them: “No matter how many admirers surrounded her – and they are legion – she unfailing communicated that of all the people in the world, you were the one she most hoped would show up at that moment.” – if that ain’t goals, I dunno what is.

B+A Bye…

Ok ok I know our party’s over, but you’ll forgive us for this B+A-indulgent issue right?

Oh and one last thing. Whether you’re on holiday or not. Keep on applying that SPF.

Luke and Team B+A