B+A Bulletin #203 – Hiya Algy, Frank Zappa, Culture Under Attack & Toffee League Champions.

B+A Bulletin #203 – Hiya Algy, Frank Zappa, Culture Under Attack & Toffee League Champions.

B+A Breaking

Good morning, good evening, welcome all…

This joyous flick is in honour of Kelsey, B+A hero and, as of last weekend, Portland Toffee League Champion. (That’s her on the right if you haven’t had the pleasure.)

Yep, the world is full of success, achievement, and ambition. And this here Bulletin #203 is no exception…

B+A Brilliance

Here’s to the ones who are there from the start. What a distinct and poignant pleasure it is to welcome in Algy, our freshest LDN-based Problem Solver, who has been a B+A buddy since he gave us our very first home, 5 years ago. Cute!

There’s a whole world to Algy that you’ll get to know real soon. But to give you the teaser tip of the iceberg, we’ll start with the basics: Adaptable. Approachable. Balanced. Calm. Collaborative. Committed. Determined. Galvanised. Pragmatic. Proactive. Reasonable. Resourceful. Sensitive. Tenacious. Keep. It. Simple…

B+A Books etc.

Have you heard of Frank Zappa, and specifically his piece The Black Page? If you’ve got 15 minutes, Andrew wants you to check out drummer Shawn Crowder’s attempt to understand it, and play it. Crowder’s conclusion is a good and universal one: “Like all music, it’s about putting in the hard work, and not everyone is willing to do that. So when you see someone going that extra 5 miles to make a performance great, you appreciate that.”

B+A Babble

Our culture is what defines us. So it’s no surprise that it’s often culture that gets targeted and tactically destroyed in times of war and conflict. It’s big, and it’s scary, but if you wanna learn about cultural devastation and rebuilding society – then London’s Imperial War Museum is your connect. Their Culture Under Attacksymposium, with Lemn Sissay MBE, Elif Shafik and more, is a biggie. Oh, and it takes place this Saturday.

B+A Big Up

On this day in 1981, a star Queen was born.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, we (and, it would be remiss not to specify, Adesuwa in particular) are dedicating our B+A Big Up to you this week, in honour of all that you do.

B+A Bye…

Whether you’re scoring goals, banging drums, building, listening or just plain growing. 

You gotta enjoy the successes, and acknowledge the graft to get there. It ain’t easy.

Luke and Team B+A