B+A Bulletin #204 – Climate Strike, Portland Bathing Suits, Don’t Watch the Score & Black Women Talk Work.

B+A Bulletin #204 – Climate Strike, Portland Bathing Suits, Don’t Watch the Score & Black Women Talk Work.

B+A Breaking

Close your eyes. Relax. And focus on your breath.

So begins the ritual of meditation, as led by Don Gazara, the most relatable of gurus, as our B+A Balance guest on Monday. It was way too holistic for the gram, so you’ll have to take our word for it.

Ok, better open those eyes now, or you’ll miss B+A Bulletin #204…

B+A Brilliance

Shout out the youth – always, but in particular now for disrupting business as usual so effectively that the whole world’s taking notice. After the success of their Fridays for Future school climate strikes, young people are now calling on all of us to take action, through global climate strikes on September 20th and 27th.

B+A have been finessing our transatlantic sustainability agenda in prep (of which part means you might have a couple of quiet emailers on Sept 20th). But whether or not you can commit to leaving work, no doubt this is the right time to give thought to that green agenda. Y’know, for the kids.

B+A Books etc.

Ben’s been using his Portland commute of late to catch up on new and archive episodes of the BBC’s Don’t Watch the Score podcast. The show uses sport to tackle the big life Qs, such as self-acceptance, addiction and mortality – reminding us all that there’s learning in all we do everything. You just gotta ask the right questions. And it’s all there, to dive into via the good old iplayer, the final ad-free bastion.

B+A Babble

We aren’t in the habit of sharing articles here (we’re a bit more irl than that) – but this one’s a beauty, and comes excitedly from a v proud B+A Portland, so we’ll make an exception. Turns out the modern bathing suit/swimsuit is an original product of PDX, with a surprising story of nostalgia, romance and female emancipation to boot. Check this lyrical read and be grateful you don’t swim in eight pounds of wet wool like your grandparents did.

B+A Big Up

One more podcast for the road… Our very own friend of B+A, Cara Sabin, was a recent guest on the Black Women Talk Work podcast, where she discussed her transition from being an ESL instructor in Puerto Rico, to becoming a change-maker in the beauty industry. You can listen to all the juicy bits here. Big up yourself Cara, now and forever.

B+A Bye…

There’s just one last click before we check out for the day. And if I were you, I’d be curious enough to follow the link…

And one last LAST thing: love you!
Luke and Team B+A