B+A Bulletin #206 – Gal + Sook Success, MCR’s People’s History Museum, Robi in Bohemia + Petrichor.

B+A Bulletin #206 – Gal + Sook Success, MCR’s People’s History Museum, Robi in Bohemia + Petrichor.

B+A Breaking

What do we want?A pic to prove B+A followed through on the Climate Strike !
When do we want it?Errr…see above ?

Yep, last Friday we all got our activist on for the worthiest cause. The were banners (thanks Create & Strike). There was dubious protest rock. And in Portland, there was a llama. 

And now time for more action. It’s the juiciest news, from our home(s) and abroad. And even a bit of the weather. All here, in Bulletin #206. 

B+A Brilliance

Shout out to our dear Gal. Human extraordinaire who is mid fleeing the B+A nest to pastures new, co-founding social enterprise Sook. And Sook is already making strides, as this week it was announced as the winner of Transport for London’s first ever Retail Innovation Competition. Which means you lucky lot will soon be able to pop into London’s first Sook store: ears to the ground for deets of the exact location. 

But, hang on a minute. tf is this wondrous Sook you speak of, I hear you ask? Well, it basically uses technology to offer adaptive retail space, enabling businesses and individuals to have a physical space as and when they need it – with time slots for as short as one hour. The future of the high street, we think.

B+A Books etc.

In a particularly tumultuous political week for those of us in the UK (hey, London kids) and US (aloha, Portland team), the People’s History Museum was calling out to Luke and Giulia on a jaunt up to Manchester this week. Winding our way through the latter half of the 20th Century, we rated the way the exhibition tracks party battles, union struggles, Queer rights and fights against fascism through inspiring posters – not endless text. One thing’s clear guys: the tug-of-power-war is a tale as old as time. So don’t feel alone in the now. 

B+A Babble

It’s raining in London again. Here in Manchester as well. And it’s forecast for Portland tomorrow too. Time to up our pluvial terminology. Word.

Petrichor is the earthy scent produced when rain falls on dry soil. The word is constructed from the Greek Petra meaning “stone”, and īchōr, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods in Greek mythology.

Won’t keep ya dry. But pretty neat all the same. 

B+A Big Up

Robi was skipping around Amsterdam and Paris this last week. They’ve got some art stories to share, from the inner depths of Dali’s mind, to this one from a tiny backstreet sculpture shop… 

” Ange and Dam have been in their Montemarte studio since 1985. They give second-life to found objects: like coal-stained wood from the basement of their building, cast off drawer handles brought in from the neighbors, and seeds native to the land they carry home from their travels. 

My travel companion, Pema, and I were welcomed into their studio, where we all four sat, chatted (as best we could with broke French/English and google-translate) and whiled the dusky hours while they showed us their studio. It was an experience unplanned and unmatched. For my first European holiday, I’d say I did pretty good.

Here we all are, posing with a penguin. “

B+A Bye…

Cue the paper shuffle. Camera pans to wide studio shot. Credits.

Luke and Team B+A