B+A Bulletin #207 – ooM Supper Club, MC Adesuwa @ Special Guest and Alex’s Come and See experience.

B+A Bulletin #207 – ooM Supper Club, MC Adesuwa @ Special Guest and Alex’s Come and See experience.

B+A Breaking

Hey there! Come through, come through..

And yep, you got me. I didn’t have a standout snap to share for the opening section of today’s Bulletin. Soz. But this Amakusa Jellyfish from the London Aquarium (thanks, inspiration day) is pretty rad right? 

Okayyyyy moving on. Bulletin #207 begins.

B+A Brilliance

Last week Andrew and Kelsey were working with the good folks at Aveda in Minneapolis. As well as making time to take the pilgrimage to Prince’s Paisley Park studios and residence (no photos allowed), they also took in one of Minneapolis’s cultural heights: Mall of America’s Spongebob Rock Bottom Plunge. The insight? Kelsey’s a screamer!

B+A Books etc.

Alex was exploring the very steep streets of Lisbon last week and accidentally landed herself in the oldest cinema in town – Cinema Ideal – and did what any good holiday-maker would do, picked the first film based purely on the artwork!

2 hours later she walked out bleary-eyed and terrified after sitting through Russian war film Come and See. The film, sited as one of the greatest war films of all time, tells the very graphic story of the Nazi German occupation of Belarus. It is both surreal and haunting in the way only a Chris Morris’ favourite film could be. Defo take a look (but maybe without the Portuguese subtitles…)

B+A Babble

Our very own MC, Adesuwa will be hosting the next Special Guest show this Friday. Special Guest is an event where the audience are the speakers. Anyone can take the stage to share a thought, an idea, a magic trick, a poem…anything goes, but you’ve only got 60 seconds. 

Come on down and catch some good vibes, meet knew people, tell a friend to tell another friend and all that good stuff. Get your ticket here. 

B+A Big Up

Ain’t no secret that food is pretty much always the key to creating kinship. Same old. But ooM Supper Club does it differently. Set up by creative entrepreneur Shanice Bryce, ooM is about bringing stories to life through sharing contemporary, plant-based Caribbean food. 

For Shanice, health is wealth, and human interaction is the key to cultural connection. Creating new legacy. Encouraging inclusive dialogue. Eating damn well. Gather round…

B+A Bye…

We outta here!

Luke and Team B+A