B+A Bulletin #209 – Fall x Autumn, AP @ London Jazz Festival, Whose Story Is This?, Christopher Marley & Big Hair + Beauty.

B+A Bulletin #209 – Fall x Autumn, AP @ London Jazz Festival, Whose Story Is This?, Christopher Marley & Big Hair + Beauty.

B+A Breaking

Greetings from Portland! It’s Robi here, one of the fresher faces on the B+A masthead. Over here in the PNW (that’s Pacific North West for those of you not in the know) we are drowning in foliage and pumpkin spice everything.

Damn, autumn. You know how to do it.

Now, we better get into B+A happenings before Luke never lets me guest edit again!

(Image credit to author Lidia Yuknavich on the Gram)

B+A Brilliance

We’re back after popular demand. But this time.. we’re part of the London Jazz Festival.
 Tickets are less than a tenner and all proceeds will go to providing training programmes for those affected by homelessness. 

Our last show sold out… No pressure! Snatch those tix here.

B+A Books etc.

Called the voice of the resistance by New York Times Magazine, Rebecca Solnit runs the gamut from sharp-worded cultural critic to esteemed guide to positive change. In “Whose Story Is This?” she asks: Who gets to shape the narrative our times? In this new collection of essays, Solnit covers the #MeToo movement, Native American rights, the anti-gun movement, Black Lives Matter and a host of other contemporary issues, showing us how the names for our stories have changed, but the stories themselves have not. 

A key aspect of B+A methodology are our Ethnographies. In short: who is speaking and from where? Reader, it’s a question always worth asking!

B+A Babble

Oh that? It’s just a Macaw. A MACAW. Last week I visited the newest exhibition at OMSI, Oregon’s Museum of Science and Industry. The exhibit is accurately titled “Exquisite Creatures,” and boy-oh-boy was I dumb-founded. Artist Christopher Marley thinks of nature as the highest form of art. He works with wildlife refuges and scientists in his own kind of preservation that gives creatures a second-life through his artistic renderings. Toddlers were running around shrieking with joy at the walls of snakes and giant beatles and octopus. I was melancholy at the wall of finches. Is it mad? A little bit. Is it incredible? You bet. Getting this close to nature is a treat, and Marley hopes it will inspire others to take an interest in preserving the natural world just as he has. Find out more about the exhibition here.

B+A Big Up

Melissa Sinclair is a force to be reckoned with – a reflective, unassuming but powerful force. We were lucky enough to hang out with the mogul in her London offices last week. Nominated by Vogue Beauty Award, Big Hair + Beauty is on a mission to redefine what it means to be a beauty brand. In addition to offering products for afro and curly hair types, the brand has become a lifestyle, prioritising self-care. 

B+A Easter Eggs

Ever wondered where we get our inspiration for the photos on our website? Well. Now you know.

(Board game spotted by Andrew at the downtown Moxy, Minneapolis)

B+A Bye…

Hey ya’ll, it’s been a real pleasure chatting with you this week. Hope you got something to chew on and some colour to saturate your autumn, wherever in the world you are.

Robi and Team B+A