B+A Bulletin #210 – Authors of the Estate, Making Space, Punk, WOW + TONL….

B+A Bulletin #210 – Authors of the Estate, Making Space, Punk, WOW + TONL….

B+A Breaking

Why hello there, 

Tamika here whilst Luke’s taking some time out before he’s off to Shanghai for a little while – recommendations, people and places welcome, as ever. [[email protected]].

A big’un for you all though.
A prestigious event and invite. 
Authors of the Estate returns on 26/10/2019. 

Our very own André Anderson has a fresh new team and a fresh new website. They have created a whole curriculum with one clear aim and question : how do we turn our neighborhood into a Publishing House?

If you’ve got ideas go chat to them at their book launch this Saturday. We hope to see you there.

But before then, we have a whole bunch of interestingness for you to delve into.

B+A Bulletin two one zero. Let’s get it…

B+A Brilliance

One for our American pals (or those elsewhere – depending on your level of commitment / tenacity). There’s a 4-part documentary series from Epix. It’s about Punk. It is next level insightful. Something crucial it doesn’t miss: Punk wasn’t one thing, and it didn’t happen in one place. The docs cover everything from early aggressive music in Detroit in the late ’60s and early ’70s to New York and the CBGBscene in the late ’70s to fashion in London around the same time. Find it on the interwebz, or catch it on a long-haul Virgin/ Delta flight – you’re welcome. 

B+A Books etc.

Make Some Space: Tuning Into Total Refreshment Centrecompiles interviews with figures including Four Tet, Gilles Peterson and Louie Vega, and the story is a lesson in community and shared spaces. As well as a nod to the thousands of people who passed through Total Refreshment Centre over its course of time. Emma Warren has created a journey in time through a chocolate factory, turned Caribbean social club, turned birthplace of a resurgence of jazzin London. 

B+A Babble

Last week, the women of B+A’s London’s office were up as the sun peeped for WOW’s annual speed mentoring on the London Eye. At dizzying heights accompanied by autumn drizzle, over 200 women were paired up with 200 school girls to mark the International Day of the Girl. Advice was shared and futures mused over. Word to Giulia, the conversations were mutually beneficial and full of positivity. Let us tell you again – the kids are gonna be alright. 

B+A Big Up

Stock photography is the internet’s home of ‘depictions of real life’.
Scrolls of images of happy, pasta eating people doing all the things we do in life. But did you ever notice something a bit odd about all the photos?

Yep, you guessed it, 95% of all stock photography presents white people. Making it a long way from a ‘depiction of real life’, right?

B+A Portland had the chance to hear from TONL this week. They are transforming the idea of stock photography by showing images of diverse people and their stories around the world. Founders Karen Onkokwo and Joshua Kissi told us that whilst it’s easy to cover off colour in stock photography, it’s so much harder to tell authentic stories of real communities. 

The library is growing.
And if you can’t find your community represented then they will shoot you to kick things off. Nice touch. Very nice…

B+A Bye…

It’s been an unintentionally black + white bulletin. 
But drill down, click on the links and there’s a plethora of colour waiting for you. A practical piece of advice for this bulletin, and a metaphorical one for life.

Tamika and Team B+A

P.S. It’s Ben Gallagher’s birthday today – give the guy some birthday love !