B+A Bulletin #211 – Mandarin 101, Enspiral, Dali + Surrealism, 1984 Bookstore & Triangirls.

B+A Bulletin #211 – Mandarin 101, Enspiral, Dali + Surrealism, 1984 Bookstore & Triangirls.

B+A Breaking

Nĭ hăo y’all. Hěn gāoxīng rènshí nǐ!

Big thanks to Robi and Tamika for covering these past couple of issues. Now you’ve got Luke again, and yep, as T mentioned, until Christmas your Bulletin is winging its way to your inbox straight outta Shanghai. I’m here to learn and explore, so any friends, lovers, hop tips and hotpots, send em over… I wanna get to know!

But now. Let’s get you nourished with aaaall that B+A goodness – from here in Shanghai, our Portland and London homes, and beyond.

…shall we?

B+A Brilliance

Enspiral is a NZ-based, global network of social enterprises and dynamite individuals, with an ambitious aim: to restructure how we create impact as a society. They do this through a bold system of sharing skills, knowledge and even budget between their members, in an effort to allow everyone to be their best selves. Yeh it’s warm and fuzzy, but they mean business. Check the video above, or watch their October member update.

B+A Books etc.

Seek refuge from the intensity of Shanghai at 1984 Book Store. It’s a Xuhui institution, having been round for 7 years hidden behind an anonymous brushed steel gate – in it you’ll find a quiet tropical garden, the friendliest staff, and stacks of Chinese literature. The best local Newspeak.

B+A Babble

For Robi, experiencing the surrealism of Dali’s Melting Clocks in 6th grade was their first reckoning with the limitless possibility of art. Surrealism, and the celebration of the undefined, was someone was finally saying that the stuff of dreams and the material of the unconscious have substance. 

The surrealists challenged reality – what’s possible and what can come. So next time you’re in Paris, swing by the Salvador Dali Exhibition, lose yourself, and ask: Is there more to be challenged? Robi’s DM’s are open…. 

B+A Big Up

This week we had the privilege of spending the day brainstorming, doodling and prototyping with the wholly inspiring Rachael Grocott from Triangirls. Triangirls has a clear mission: create safe spaces to empower women and non-binary people working in the tech industry. Their next (free) event is happening on the 14th of Nov >>>. I’d go just to find out why our title is their tagline…

B+A Bye…


1) If you haven’t yet checked out what Freedom and Balance is up to, wtf? No but Seriously, capital S. This really is huge. Click it. And don’t forget to use the code AUTHORSOFB+A to cop the product.
2) Happy Hallowe’en, spooksters. 🎃

Luke and Team B+A