B+A Bulletin #212 – Joseph Handshake, Standard Nerds Club, Camden People’s Theatre & Fevered Sleep.

B+A Bulletin #212 – Joseph Handshake, Standard Nerds Club, Camden People’s Theatre & Fevered Sleep.

B+A Breaking

Oh hai! Come on in out the cold, I’ll stick the kettle on…

This week Elliot stopped by to hang out with team Portland. So yea, the pic above is obviously the Blazers game he was welcomed with by B+A in his honour. Did you really expect anything else?

But I reckon I hear something bubbling, and it’s more than that brew. Bulletin #212, on the uptown A, we ready for ya…

B+A Brilliance

Brilliant++++. We welcome, armspan at 100%, a new Outlier to the London team. Hey Joseph:

Faith. Family. Fun. Lover of yam and fond of sweet snacks. Quite quiet. Author. Laugh magnet, smile deflector. Bobby Moore lifting the Jules Rimet. Gooner. Dagenham via Homerton.

And he’s already ouchea in the field, satiating the bulletin content beast…

Oh, Hi! didn’t see you there, caught me just as i was about to lift off and go to Mars. Lucky i didn’t, would have been way too empty and cold for me.
On Friday, a couple members of the B+A team took a trip down to Kensington to visit the new Mars exhibition at The Design Museum. My take-home? I knew Mars was practically empty but i didn’t realise how cold it was – it may be red, but it ain’t hot out there!  It was definitely an experience to remember, particularly the visual and physical experiences that made Mars pretty much come to life.

B+A Books etc.

Camden People’s Theatre is a London fringe stalwart, and this year celebrates a cool quarter-century on the scene. On 12 November they’re throwing a party to celebrate, ft. special commissions from some red-hot artists that you’re gonna want to know. Celebrate independent theatre at its wildest and click that RSVP.

B+A Big Up

Did you forget ur faithful bulletin editor is currently residing in Shanghai? Well, one of the loveliest people I’ve come across so far has got to be Toto Duan: artist, designer and ping pong coach. Her team, Standard Nerds Club, is changing the game out here, breathing youth, creativity and (soz, no other way of saying it) cool into the world of table tennis. Toto’s tournaments frequently rack up SHG’s socialites in the triple figures, and she herself is an entrepreneurial sis to be reckoned with. 

Hullo, untapped sponsorship opportunity…. 

B+A Babble

Whilst on a recent trip to Manchester, Giulia and Luke bumped in to our friends at Fevered Sleep, at their pop-up ‘This Grief Thing’ shop. The FS team produce performances, installations, films, books and digital art for adults and children to open up and normalise the conversation around grief.

We were moved by the sentiment of the space and wanted to send a big shout out to the team for baring all about something that effects everyone, and succeeding at shifting the narrative. ‘This Grief Thing’ shops are touring across the UK, so keep out an eye, and an open heart.

B+A Bye…

Next week, we’re outlying in America. We’re feasting on femininity. You’re joining us there, right?

Til then, with love. And if you’re in the UK, register to vote.

Luke and Team B+A