B+A Bulletin #213 – Big T(e)am News, CurAte, PDX Crew+, Malcolm Gladwell & HOW Art Museum SH.

B+A Bulletin #213 – Big T(e)am News, CurAte, PDX Crew+, Malcolm Gladwell & HOW Art Museum SH.

B+A Breaking

*A living silence engulfs the room, every eye on the candlelit stage*

Nah, it’s not the reception for this Bulletin (although that would be pretty rad). Instead I’m talking about a typical opening for Accidental Powercut, B+A’s raw and totally unplugged jazz+ night at the magical House of St Barnabas. 

Well, we’re at it again, for one last time in 2019, on Wednesday 20 November. The last season sold out entirely, so if you wanna be with us for this special one-off event, you better click the link

And whilst MySpace might be dead, we’d recommend hitting this link too, for an auditory AP appetiser and bespoke musical accompaniment to this, your Bulletin #213…

B+A Brilliance

One more fresh face in the mix…are you keeping up? This time it’s over to Portland, and Renee. Shine bright yo:

Manifinessin’ Hustler, Nosy. Curious. Never home home-body. Donald Glover and Lena Waithe’s free thinking love child Kanye warned us about. Gen- Z by birth. Millennial by nature.

Yeah but Renee, how was your weekend?

To my left a rocket scientist, to my right a business owner. In front of me an original member of the Black Panther party. Behind me, my fears and doubts like I don’t belong. Above me, my ancestors smiling proudly. Culminating in a collective swag surf that I promised you…shook the earth beneath our feet.

I spent my weekend at a Black tech conference and the technological piece is the last thing I mention when recollecting my weekend ….not because it wasn’t a pillar part of the experience, but because Black achievement seems at times, as rare as a Pokémon. Being surrounded by it is a moment worth ruminating and celebrating.

For me, Afrotech was about more than the technology that shapes what we do, but the Black excellence that is the foundation for how we do it.

B+A Books etc.

Kelsey went to the PDX Book Festival this weekend and attended Malcolm Gladwell’s talk about his new (and very B+A) book ‘Talking to Strangers‘. The book takes modern and historical examples of how we, as humans, basically suck at trying to make sense of people we don’t know. He encourages us to examine our own behavior and thought processes: “Because we don’t know how to talk to strangers, we are inviting conflict and misunderstanding in ways that have a profound effect on our lives and our world.” 

B+A Babble

It’s about a get a bit Lonely Planet here, apols… Tucked away in the far calmer Eastern corner of Shanghai is a weird, dramatic gem: the HOW Art Museum. Conceived by art collector Zheng Hao, the gallery was built in 2013 to house his private collection as well as large-scale shows by international artists. Now, the HOW also includes an art hotel and expansive cafe, both featuring an insane collection of kaleidoscopic artworks, sculptures and objects. Worth the metro ride (after all, it’s only 33p / 43c). 

B+A Big Up

CurAte is the decadent side hustle of Anna and Jenny, two London creatives making waves in the East London scene. Their current exhibition, Feasting on Femininity, presents existing works and brand new commissions by artists sensuously exploring food and the female form.

The pair are also hosting intimate dinners in the gallery, where guest chefs create menus in response to the artworks. The last of these is this Saturday, with Eyal Jagermann of The Barbary. We’re told there’s only a couple of spots left – if you cop, tell Jenny and Anna that B+A sent ya!

B+A Bye…

It’s Bye from London, but a big Hi from B+A Portland, as Tamika makes the big transatlantic move (and this time, it’s permanent.)

‘scuse me, gonna have to leave it there, think there’s something in my eye…London won’t be the same without you, T.

Luke and Team B+A. 

PS. One final piece for the road (coz we know you don’t wanna turn off Rosie Turton just yet…) – Andrew wrote this, on the potential pitfalls of building a diverse team. Long musing, quick read. Thoughts on a post-it.