B+A Bulletin #214 – PDX Love, #NotASchool Grads, Juicy Fruit 2, Kaiyu Huang & an EasyJet Pledge..

B+A Bulletin #214 – PDX Love, #NotASchool Grads, Juicy Fruit 2, Kaiyu Huang & an EasyJet Pledge..

B+A Breaking

BOOM. Team PDX has landed.

I know we’ve been throwing a bunch of new faces around recently. Unless you are #1 B+A stan (or possess Andrew’s unrivalled memory for names and faces) then you are forgiven for not keeping up.

So this one’s real simple: it’s some PDX crew love, captured by Alex when she was over last week. L-R: Mo, Robi, Tamika, Ben, Renee, Kelsey.

And that’s just the beginning. Bulletin #214’s got a lot more love to give, so let’s crack it open, shall we?

B+A Brilliance

Warned you: This one’s coming straight from the heart. Over the past few months B+A have been hustling hard, with a truly brilliant extended crew, to help Samsung craft and deliver #NotASchool. No more from us on this programme: check the hashtag. And last week the 40 pioneer participants became the first ever #NotASchool graduates. Our hearts overflowed… 

B+A Books etc.

Back in 2017, we wrote Juicy Fruit 1, a report-back to a survey that we conducted looking at the things business believe are crucial to their performance. We had a hunch that high on this list would be business culture: we were right. 2 years on (how time flies! love mum xx) we’re back at it, sharing some of the things we’ve learnt in the past two years of running our Culture Dividend™ process with clients such as Nike, Google, Aveda and the LA Phil. We bring you Juicy Fruit 2. If you wanna find out more, our DMs are open

B+A Babble

Aviation causes a chunky 2% of carbon dioxide emissions, but right now giving up travel is the sacrifice no one wants to make. So the news that UK-based flight company EasyJet is pledging to totally offset the environmental impact of their flights – and making them the first carbon-neutral airline – seems pretty great. But is it too good to be true? The announcement has been described by some environmentalists as “greenwashing”, who say that the only truly impactful move would be for EasyJet to support a frequent-flyer levy. And let’s face it. That ain’t gonna happen. B+A want to learn more about this debate – if you’re in the know, holla @! 

B+A Big Up

Budding collectors, grab yo chequebooks (um, soz, Alipay QR codes). Artist Kaiyu Huang, as obsessed with intricate exactitude in oil on canvas as he is with ink on skin, is defo one to watch. Honestly, his work is UNREAL. And hearing the theory behind a few pieces at his recent open studio at his West Shanghai home, it’s clear that age ain’t a thing. Just don’t ask why exactly it was he left Parsons this year…🤫

B+A Bye…

See ya folks. 

Luke (in Shanghai) and Team B+A (all over the gaff)