B+A Bulletin #215 – Steve McQueen, Yasiin Bey, Black GI Babies, PositiveNegatives a B+A Book Launch.

B+A Bulletin #215 – Steve McQueen, Yasiin Bey, Black GI Babies, PositiveNegatives a B+A Book Launch.

B+A Breaking

Yep, we’re throwing a party – and hell yeah you’re invited. 

Earlier this year, we partnered with Multnomah County Juvenile Justice Department to write a book with the young people inside the detention centre about how to not just survive the experience, but how to turn it into a positive change in their lives.

Now that ‘How to Thrive at Donald E Long’ is written, we need  your help to fund getting it printed, so that every person who finds themselves arriving at the detention centre can work out how to move forward with hope and confidence.

B+A will match all donations received on the night through our Secret Santa ballot (that you have to turn up in person to be part of). [email protected] wants to know you’ll be there!

And speaking of parties, we got another one right here… Each bite of today’s Bulletin is coming straight from the heart of a different teamie. So yeah, my job was pretty easy this week. Over to you Andrew, to open Bulletin #215…

B+A Brilliance

Oscar and Turner Prize winning artist, Steve McQueen (and having both of those in your bio puts him in a club of, errr… one!) opened his new show at London’s Tate Britain last week. Year 3 is comprised of commissioned portraits of every 7-8 year old class in the capital. If you’re in London before May 2020, this is a must see – Not just for the pictures, but for the school trips of kids whose visits start with them chanting “We are here… we are here…” at the tops of their voices. I bawled my eyes out.

B+A Books etc.

Sensitively telling the stories of individuals born to white British mothers and black American soldiers during WWII, the Black Cultural Archives exhibition ‘Being Mixed-Race: Stories of Britain’s Black GI Babies’ makes for a moving afternoon. An estimated 2,000 mixed race babies were born in these circumstances. But due to a mix of racism, prejudice and illegitimacy, between a third and half of the children were given up by their mothers for adoption. Tales of reunification with their fathers in America, and finding siblings they’d not yet met before, brought the trials and tribulations of these individuals’ home. Hard hitting but inspiring, all at once.

B+A Babble

Yasiin Bey likes to take his time. Twenty years since the release of his debut album, Black on Both Sides, the artist formerly known as the Mighty Mos Def returned to Brooklyn for the launch of his new album, Negus. But this was no ordinary album release – its eight tracks are not available to buy, stream, or download. It was 28 minutes of music, stripped back to the bare essentials with Yasiin performing through every fibre of his being, and Lord Tusk on production. Personally, I think Negus is about time, connectivity and motion – but I guess everyone will take away something completely different and that’s the sheer beauty of it…

B+A Big Up

This week’s B+A Balance featured a session with Dr Laura Price from PositiveNegatives, an award winning non-profit organisation that helps amplify personal stories around contemporary social and humanitarian issues, including conflict, racism, migration and asylum.

Dr Price took us through the work done at PositiveNegatives, and some of the stories that have been illustrated. The B+A team then got creative making our own zines (bespoke: tick, accelerated: tick) that we fed back to each other. Sharing heartfelt stories from the world, learning more about each other: B+A Balance restored.

B+A Bye…

Hiiiiii me again, to wish you your B+A Bye. That was fun right?

But obv I can’t leave without sticking my oar in. So here’s a lil something to read about the vociferous phenomenon of the UK Christmas ad and how hypocritical we all are by association. 


Luke and Team B+A