B+A Bulletin #216 – My White Best Friend, Local Tokyo Eats, London’s Civic Architecture &, um, K-Hole.

B+A Bulletin #216 – My White Best Friend, Local Tokyo Eats, London’s Civic Architecture &, um, K-Hole.

B+A Breaking

Konnichiwa yo!

Yeah I know, this one’s reaching you a bit later than usual. Spent the last few hours wandering lost around Aoyama backstreets. Not sorry at allllll.

And with B+A crew currently stationed in New York, Atlanta and Manchester, as well as in-field across our Portland, London and Shanghai homes, we ain’t slowing down for Chr*stmas anytime soon.

But dw, we’re still bearing gifts for ya! Let’s start opening some windows on Bulletin #216…

B+A Brilliance

Rewind to 2014 (wassup Rachel Dolezal – maybe keep your head down for a bit). An NYC-based art collective finds itself in the boardroom of a global corporation explaining the effects of ketamine to its CEO. This is the true story of K-Hole, a radical + fleeting voice in the trend forecasting scene (yeah, it exists). 

K-Hole began as a satirical side-hustle, before finding industry success by accidentally coining the term “normcore”. The group quickly made the shift from parody project to bona-fide trend consultancy, publishing 6 reports b2b between 2014-15 on youth culture – before disappearing into the ether once again. All 6 reports are still available to download for free – they may be almost 5 years old now, but are still spookily on point, beautiful, and crunchily close to the bone. Ouch..

B+A Books etc.

Back in August 2018 we were busy bigging up Rachel De-Lahay and the first outing of My White Best Friend in its short-film format.

This year after 2 sold-out curated festivals of the same name (showing at the very brilliant Bunker Theatre) – Rachel has only gone and published a collection of all the ‘unsaid’ letters featured. Featuring some of our favourites – Tolani Shoneye, Zia Ahmed and Inua Ellams – this collection explores themes and stories quite frankly we should all be talking about.

B+A Babble

You think you’re getting away with just ONE mention of Tokyo? Um lol?

Next time you’re in Shibuya, head to Shinsen Station. Turn left, cross the road, head down the steps and through the plastic sheeting. Still with me? You’ve found Manpukutei, a local Tokyo institution serving up the freshest maki, oysters the size of your hand and free flow sake to make your head spin. Don’t expect anyone to speak English, just keep saying yes and see what happens…

B+A Big Up

Last week Andrew was lucky enough to be asked by Graham Silbiger to guest lecture at London’s City and Westminster College. As well as meeting a really impressive group of young people taking their first steps into creative careers, there was another star: the building. Designed by Danish practice Schmidt Hammer Lassen, it’s open, friendly, generous and high-spec. Just like great civic spaces should be.

B+A Bye…

Wonder what’s gonna pop up next time? You know where to be to find out…

Luke and Team B+A

PS. Think of your go-to for brilliant conversation. The one you choose when you wanna get to the knotty heart of something. 

…don’t you think they’d love reading the B+A Bulletin too? 😉