B+A Bulletin #217 – Relocating B+A, BLocalPDX, Exposing Away, The Ultimate Gooner & Bigging Up Amanda Wang.

B+A Bulletin #217 – Relocating B+A, BLocalPDX, Exposing Away, The Ultimate Gooner & Bigging Up Amanda Wang.

B+A Breaking

Hold up, don’t go posting those Christmas cards just yet…B+A London is on the move!

We’re putting on our grown up shoes and, as of next Monday, will have an office of our very own. Expect all the vibes (and an updated address in next week’s Bulletin).

In face, next week is a biggun for more reasons than one…but we’ll save THAT excitement just a little bit longer. Until then, here’s your Bulletin #217, from our packing box direct to your inbox (uhh…soz).

B+A Brilliance

Trust Portland to do it right. A bunch of local B Corps have come together to create BLocalPDX, and through this have set up a pop-up shop at Lloyd Center Mall. The shop sells products produce by certified B Corps in time for the holidays whilst spreading the good B Corp word more generally. They’re also hosting monthly lunch-and-learns about getting certified (as B+A are rn). The next event takes place tomorrow. Chop chop!

B+A Babble

This one, on Tamika’s recco, is worth checking out. An epic-novella (but true, shockingly) diagnosing the toxic culture harboured at luggage company Away. We’ve been dissecting this tumultuous tale ever since it was published. Read it and weep/gasp/make a fist.

And Steph Korey, on the off chance you’re reading this, please get in touch!!

B+A Big Up I

The engaging, sweet and determined Harry Clowser joined Giulia this week for an in-depth interview about the state of the world, and the role individuals vs brands vs governments should be playing to combat the greatest challenges of our time. That’s right, we ain’t easing into Christmas at all (soz Harry).

And when Harry’s not being grilled by B+A, or working 12 hour days training to be an electrician, he’s on his hustle selling vintage Arsenal football shirts. The Ultimate Gooner, Arsenal basically runs in his blood, with generational ties to his North London neighbourhood and ancestors who always have, and still do, treat football like a religion. Check out his site here, or irl at his shop at The Rocket pub on match days.

B+A Big Up II

I’m coming home! Yep, after 8 raucous weeks in Shanghai, ya bulletin boi is coming back to London. Big Up x10000 goes, of course, to the inimitable Amanda Wang and co. for taking care of me out here. Amanda, you have educated, nourished and poisoned me in near equal measure. Thank you for your time and energy these past weeks!

B+A Shanghai. Issa vibe.

B+A Bye…

Time indeed to say goodbye. And the biggest, smooshiest bye goes out to the whole lovely crew at Idean London. We’ve loved our 2 years with you, working, drinking, dining and all round vibing with you.

To Idean, and to the rest of y’all…come visit!

Luke and Team B+A