B+A Bulletin #218 – Christmas Quiz Special (yep – you can play too!)

B+A Bulletin #218 – Christmas Quiz Special (yep – you can play too!)

B+A Breaking

Whether it’s Christmas, Kwanzaa, Channukah or the Winter Solstice, this week you’ve got me, Andrew. wishing you compliments of the holiday season from our new London home at B+A Towers, Old Street.

As well as this Bulletin being special because it’s our last of the year, it also comes to you from the whole team – we’ve gathered here from around the world to do a bit of looking back, a bit of looking forward and a whole load of celebrating! 

And in the spirit of the season, this Bulletin is our first quiz. Today our team bussed, biked, tubed, walked (and even ran – yes, Adesuwa – we have the video evidence) round London to explore some of this city’s wonderful libraries and bookshops. If you’d like to play along, here it is (Merry Christmas!)

B+A Books etc. (The Quiz)

How to play:

5 points per correct answer.

50 bonus points for all 10 answers correct.

If you’re in London, you get bonus points (in brackets) for taking a selfie at of yourself at that spot.

The first of you to send all 10 correct answers wins a jumbo hamper of B+A books (and some of our faves of the year). Send your answers to [email protected]

Have fun!

1. What’s the name of “The Library” that Unai was recently ejected from?
(25 points – 10 bonus points if your selfie is with the mural of the subject of Steven North and the Flat Back Four’s only famous song)

2. There’s a bookshop at the first home of Blacktronica. Where is it? (what organisation and on what street)?
(20 points)

3. What is now at the address where Hannibal Lecter fell in love with Mrs Robinson?
(10 points)

4. What is the nearest station to the library dedicated to the author of Black Jacobins?
(20 points)

5. Who designed the building that is home to over 13 million books, 8 million stamps, 6 miliion recordings, and one and a half million music scores?*
(15 points – 5 bonus points for a picture with any Marvellous & Mischievous Young Rebels)

6. On what floor is the Futurecity-curated gallery atop a bookshop that was once the largest in the world?
(10 points)

7. In what year did the bookshop open that’s home to Oscar Wilde’s table?
(10 points)

8. Who’s the Godfather of Dulwich Bookselling?
(30 points – bonus 20 points if he’s in the picture with you)

9. Name the bookshop that’s a front for the SWP?
(15 points)

10. What was the name of the Bookmonger’s first dog?
(25 points – 5 bonus points for a pic of you with the mural image of the dog)

*Yes – we’ll give you this one for free. Respect to the two photo-bombers!

B+A Books etc. II

Every team had to bring back a book for our collection. These are the lovely and fascinating ones we got back.

At a time when, in the northern hemisphere, it’s particularly harsh for people living on the streets, we’re looking forward to reading social entrepreneur, and Corporate Responsibility specialist, Papakow Baiden’s In Our Hands

B+A Big Up – The Winning Team!

And our victors are… Team Knock It Out the Park, Joseph, Nicola, AndrĂ© and Amanda, showing that “laid back and creative” (full respect to them for securing 20 crucial points with some smart improvising!) is a winning combination. Congratulations, team! As well as being awarded the coveted accolade “B+A’s Finest Researchers 2019”, they won a prize designed by the great Michael Storrings

B+A Bye…

Best of the luck with the quiz. And if you need any clues, keep an eye on our Instagram (whaddya mean you’re not following us!?!?) where we’ll be posting pix. 

And lastly, thanks so much to you for all the comments you’ve sent us about how much you enjoy these little weekly missives. Looking forward to seeing 20-20 in 2020, when we’ll be back with more B+A Bulletin business (and a much reduced number of exclamation marks. Promise!!) 

May your year be profitable, cultural and charitable.

Andrew and Team B+A