B+A Bulletin #219 – New Decade, who this?

B+A Bulletin #219 – New Decade, who this?

Welcome BACK! Did you have a good time away from all of your screens and inboxes?Did you miss us? 

Yeah, two weeks was a restful beauty. But I gotta say, it was nice to return to the desk with all the mates. Especially after all the holiday bonding we got up to leading up to the Chrimbo. (Am I saying that right?)


Robi here, Portland-side. And big news… the weather says SNOW IS COMING! If next week’s B+A Goodness is full of snow-ball-fights… well, you’ve been warned.

Checkout this pic of the Columbia Gorge clogged with ice! The winter of 1950 caused “chaos” in Oregon. For over a month, there was at least an inch of snow a day. Looking for a repeat? No please.

Resolutions…but what for?

So maybe you want to finally kick that smoking habit? Or maybe just shop a little less, read a little more. Simpler? Drink more water. Take more walks. We all know the pressure to change our lives at the start of a new year. And this new DECADE? Jeez, where’s all this skin I’m shedding supposed to GO anyway?

But seriously, don’t take it too seriously. Every morning is a chance to begin anew. Each breath, each thought. If you’ve developed some unhealthy habits, work to replace them, and seek-out community to support you in your changes. Perhaps more importantly than setting lofty year-long goals is taking some time for reflection. What did you accomplish last year that you never imagined you could? What did you allow into your life? What occurred over the last decade that you feel genuinely proud of? There’s momentum right now. It’s accessible, and it’s yours.

B+A Books Plus+

Speaking of reflections and making changes… how do we feel about astrology?! The internet’s favorite astrologer, Chani Nicholas, just released her much anticipated book, You Were Born For This. Among writing for various publications and releasing monthly cosmic playlists on Spotify, Chani issues astro workshops each lunar cycle (New Moon to Dark Moon – 28 days). I’ve been working with Chani for years. And y’all. Self care! More than a talking point or justification for “bad behavior”, astrology is about deepening your relationship with yourself. It’s a unit of measurement for the ways we most want to show up in the world. With a solar eclipse in Cancer just 2 days away, a little bit of guidance and motivation couldn’t hurt… Go on. Itch that star-scatch!

B+A Big Up.. it’s Ben !

Our very own Ben G is floating his voice around the internet with a podcast! Just published yesterday, for your first week back on the grind, is Ben’s conversation with Stephan Vincent of the Employee Experience podcast. What could they have talked about? Well, culture, of course! “Doing great work and being a great place to work are linked.” We think so too, Ben. We think so, too.

Learn a bit more about the man behind the letter B, and brush up on your leadership skills and culture ethics while you’re at it!

A summary of the podcast lives here, with links to listen, wherever you enjoy your podcasts.

B+A Bye…

Thanks for spending these few minutes with me. I hope you’re at least a little bit glad to be back, getting in the swing of 2020. And if you’re not, drop me a line and let’s chat! Maybe I’ll read your tarot cards…

Happy habit-forming, you exceptional creature.

Robi and Team B+A