B+A Bulletin #220 – New Mates, New Home, New Models, New Thinking?

B+A Bulletin #220 – New Mates, New Home, New Models, New Thinking?

B+A Breaking

Yoooo. And welcome to 2020 from today’s Bulletin boi, Luke from team London. Hype !

Could fill a newsreel with all the changes afoot here at the UK hub. But I’ll spare ya… Most importantly though, we want you to come visit us at our shiny new studio, all of our very own:

Second Floor
61-67 Old Street
London EC1V 9HW

Come thruuu – furniture/storage might still be a bit WIP but it’s never too soon to warm the house.

Bulletin #220, let the party begin.

B+A Brilliance

New home, new friends : welcome welcome to TWO brand new crew in London HQ. Georgia and Mary are so fresh that we haven’t got their official B+A assets on lock quite yet – but we did have time to co-create autobiographical zines with them yesterday.

Spoiler: Georgia is all about optimism, love and openness. Mary is an equality-seeking curiosity warrior.

Meeting the growing crew; another reason to stop by, right?

B+A Books etc.

The sky is grey. Nights are long. Nestle in with some niche + chunky audio content, courtesy of New Models’ TopSoil podcast. Episodes are a generous 1.5+ hours, and the chat is just as rich. Okay, it’s kinda hipster, but Berlin-based hosts lil internet and Caroline Bosta are super smart, well informed and curious about kinda everything. Dig in.

B+A Babble

“Now is the time to rethink how business operates, for the benefit of society.” Yh yh, so say trend forecasters and guilty liberal elites every decade or so. Well, it’s looking like in 2020 the conversation about ‘business for good’ has come round once again with full vigour – but maybe, in a world defined by climate crisis and neoliberalism, it’s here to stay. Just look at Greggs on their way to the FTSE 100, the unstoppable rise of B Corp, and the British Academy’s new ‘Principles for a Purposeful Business‘, making the claim that companies should be legally required to state their purpose – and be measured on it too.

B+A Big Up

On February 12th, UK charity Football Beyond Borders hosts their annual showcase at the undeniably superior stadium of Tottenham Hotspur FC (#COYS). Nah but actually, this event is a goodun. FBB work with 1,000 young people weekly, leveraging their love for the sport to unlock their potential on pitch, in classroom, across life.

The showcase features workshops facilitated by young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, covering social policy, gender and media representation. Register for a free ticket here.

B+A Bye…

Closing with a hack, because we gotta support each other, this and every year. 

If you’re coffee shop working, but your laptop won’t connect to the wifi network. Stick or into the address bar. Bullseye.

Luke and Team B+A