B+A Bulletin #222 – LA Cuties, Elliot on film, and more…

B+A Bulletin #222 – LA Cuties, Elliot on film, and more…

B+A Brilliance

Good day beautiful mammals. Or should I say, CUTIES.

Robi here, coming to you live from LA, at the Queer-owned and crowd-funded coffee shop: CUTIES. It’s a one of a kind spot. Not only is it rare for queer/trans/gnc people to have a safe place to gather, it’s almost always a booze-trough for nightlife. The under-age and sober need community too!

Cuties has been running for almost 3 years. After a financial down-swing last year, they reached out to the community, and are now safely running on monthly donations from Patreon supporters.

Psssssssssssssttttttttttt artists….. Crowd-funding WORKS!

B+A Big Up

*firework emoji*

We have a new addition to our B+A fam! Say hello to Mary, the newest problem solver to grace the masthead.

민지희. Human. 1st gen kid. whywhywhywhywhy. Singer. Jazzy. Equality. Drawing dots. Rich conversations. Growth. There’s always more..

Friends. Send her a note. Why? Let her ask you…

B+A Babble

Giulia and Luke headed to London’s National Gallery for an Inspiration Morning last week. But they left more oh…wow than “uplifted” from revelations about Paul Gauguin, the 19c French artist whose work was on.

Gauguin began his career creating loads of self-portraits and then began sneaking his “enemies” in to his paintings, adorning them with devil horns etc. It emerged that he was actually a complete narcissist, boasting in a letter to his wife, “I am a great artist, and I know it!”

Turns out that Gauguin also had pretty problematic relationships with women he met after moving to Tahiti, who feature prominently in his work. These escapades included marrying a 14 year old girl, Teha’amana, who he abandoned a year later to return to his French wife and 5 children.

Despite the uncomfortable text, and consequent tough viewing, the masterful curation left no holds barred about who Gauguin really was while withholding judgment of his art and its meaning, keeping that freedom with the viewer.

B+A Books?

What are YOU reading right now, Bulletin readers? What’s that book you can’t stop talking about, can’t put down, can’t wait to be sad to have finished?

Reply to this with your current read!

I really want to know! (And want to shout you out on our insta…..)

B+A Big #2

This is Elliot.

Do I really need to say more?

Roll Call!

Where in the world is B+A you ask?

Well, that’s Renee and Nic galavanting around Chi-town while they learn from those windy inhabitants. (Go watch that IG story to see what they’re learning).

Robi, Tamika and Mo are in LA.

Kelsey – Flying from SF to Minneapolis.

Ben – Portland Studio

Andrew – wait – has anyone seen Andrew??

…. brb

B+A Bye…

The first month is the longest… or something like that.

Have you looked at the sky in a while? What did you winter? What will you spring?

Robi and Team B+A