B+A Bulletin #223 – Fresh Prince Fashion, Rethinking the Thinktank and Shanghai Solidarity.

B+A Bulletin #223 – Fresh Prince Fashion, Rethinking the Thinktank and Shanghai Solidarity.

B+A Breaking

Hullo, hullooo

And welcome, from this polka cow. Team London spied her in Cowcross Yard, on an amble round our new local neighbourhood. Maintaining our B+A Balance ya know.

And it was an apt discovery, as B+A crew round the world have just this week been involved in a frothy dairy debate: oat milk (an old fav of ours) vs trad cows, via this ‘expose‘. Read the article, dissect Jeff Nobbs’ debatable credentials, and choose your sauce.

Just don’t cry over it, k?

Here’s Bulletin #223.

B+A Brilliance

FURTHER is the fast-maturing Capetonian brainchild of social innovator Ian Calvert. It’s a beautiful, grassroots-led support programme offering that special and elusive thing – holistic support combined with practical resource – for those seeking to make a difference in their communities or the world. Hearing Ian talk about FURTHER is proof, if you need it, that if you can make your passion your vocation – then you’re onto something good. 

B+A Babble

Last week, Mary and Giulia got out to the Resolution Foundation’s explorative event ‘New Decade, New Politics: How should Labour navigate the 2020s?’ The conversation, covering social policy, media and engagement, was very human and always values-driven. B+A tick tick ✔️. That said, the biggest take home concerned the thinktank space itself – and the lack of “real” people represented from the demographics under discussion. Same old problem, with the simplest solution. Boo.

B+A Books etc.

Throughout the 20th century, irrespective of class, African-Americans have used style and fashion as an effective politic tool to create cultural capital – but further than that, to counter oppression, discrimination and racism. 

In the 1990’s a brand called Cross Colours achieved commercial success – grown straight from Los Angeles, with a heavy dose of New York influence, you’ve probably seen their designs everywhere from Snoop to Rihanna to pretty much 80% of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s wardrobe. Cross Colours permeated popular culture, and streetwear (despite what you’ve heard) will continue to tell history anew.

B+A Big Up

I spent a couple months in Shanghai recently (um..did I mention before?). Whilst I made it back to the UK safely before recent events, it’s been tough for me and the whole B+A crew to see the situation developing across China. So basically, this is a huuuuge big up to Amanda, Siqi, Nicole and all B+A’s extended friends and fam in Shanghai and beyond. Maintain those good vibes y’all – we’re only ever a WeChat Moment away. 

B+A Bye…

Ok thassa wrap for today folks. Catch you real soon.

Luke and Team B+A